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Lurid & Perverse Space Encounters 1d10 Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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There are places where no sane spacer goes where the wretched hives of scum and villainy end. Here are the truly alien and perverse encounters. 

Lurid & Perverse Space Encounters 1d10 Table
  1. An alien dominatrix with a gathering of 1d8 1st level fighters each attached to her body by tendrils that lovingly feed and nourish them. They will fight for her to the death. She is always looking for more willing players in her games. She is also a tenth level wizard. A highly accomplished author and holoartist in her own right. 
  2. Jagzeen Psychic Slaver with Harem - This incredibly corpulent and dangerous 5th level criminal psychic is a trader in sentients of all kinds. He demands top dollar for his "wares". 
  3. Martian Telepathic Psedo Sexual Orgasmic Collector - This 8th level telepath collects the most exciting sexual/weird experiences he can. Records them, transcribes them, and sells the brain tapes to his most jaded clients.He is backed by a wizard of 11 level.  
  4. Robotic Metamorphic Prostitute - This mechanism is a jaded and someone alien robotiod that has been extensively modified to change its life form profile. It is also an information broker of the highest level. The cryto biological inner core will thwart most efforts to reveal his/her secrets. It has a 6th level wizard/technician as its pimp. 
  5. Nemoid Psychic Telepathic Assaulter/Assassin - This 5th level telepathic assassin is a nasty piece of work. He his a serial killer who relishes the dying experiences of his victims. He uses telepathic disguises to pass through spaceports and the like while robbing his victims to continue his deadly ways. He's looking for new prey and can't stop. 
  6. Mutant Tigeroid - This female tigeroid is actually an alien princess forced into the life of a grifter moving across space in any way she can. She's got a branch of the Nova mob after her and knows their secrets. Actually 2nd level fighter and 1st level thief.  
  7. Hust'drua Notorious Martian Chemist - This character is actually one of the most hated and hunted Martian scientists/alchemists. 7th level scientist and 8th level alchemist. This character is a maker,collector, and dealer in the most addictive chemicial stimulants in the multiverse. He's also been known to experiment with his creations in crowded space ports with spectacular results. Looking for new victims. 
  8. The Zathothabh cult - A group of 1d20 planar cultists from a collapsed pocket universe looking for victims and sacrifices. They operate as serial killers moving across the fringes of dimensional space. These mad bastards fight as 2nd level fighters with most brutal and showy weapons they can find. They often work with 1d6 hounds of Tindalos. They can also teleport once per day without error. 
  9. Rau-shurtatlh Telepathic Pimp and Adventurer - A choatic mad bastard whose linage is question. The amber colored humanoid slips through the cracks of the multiverse as easily as butter. A 7th level thief and 3rd level fighter always looking for a new "lady" even if it happens to be an amoboid. Has the death sentence in 17 systems for murder, rape, and worse. 
  10. P'chathugo The Collector - This being collects the minds of any sentients that it runs across. This being is a wizard of the 11th level and almost a minor godling. He rips the minds from any human or near humans that he runs across and is part of a network of such traders. They replay the "experiences" of their collections and trade the most interesting. A very pragmatic but jaded group of perverts and degenerates. 

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