Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Highwaymen - The Long Fall - Stars Without Number Game - Actual Play

 The PC's departed the station tonight before almost getting blown apart by a A.I. controlled robot and following the Ice Walker Clan of Space Vikings deep into the bowels of space. They made their way to the hyper space gate where they encountered two ships. Both Ice Walkers and Mucloids in two frigates with a fury of pazotroinic energy signs being broadcast between them. Suddenly the both ships erupted into a fire ball of antimatter energy ! A FTL burst transmission was intercepted by the party.
The party sent out fighters to intercept the debris and most of it was blown to worthless atoms. The transmission had been successfully copied but that's when a computer virus almost wiped out the computer core of the party's ship. The fast handy work of the PC's saved their ship and they were able to isolate the A.I. soul echoes in the ship's Faraday cage. 

The party made their way to the Hyperspace Gate but there were spacial distortions indicating that the mercs had laid a sub space mine field and these A.I. mines were lying in wait for the party! They sent out more fighter drones controlled by the computer hacker. There were three such A.I. mines that laid in wait out side the local space time continuum. These car sized devices each created a web of ripped unreality that could catch and slice apart a ship with some easy. 
After tense battle of wits and alternative plane hopping the party determined where these things were. A fierce space battle later the party was able to move on into the gate to make the first jump. 
Analyse of the material from the two blown frigates revealed that there were no life forms at all on board. They were crewed by highly advanced androids created by the Delos corporation.  Delos contracts for Apex Medical as well as other Corporates. 
The hidden base they were heading to is actually a hidden Delos production facility and the real Ice Walkers are heading their to grab the A.I. computer cores and shut down the facilities. To start again! 
This isn't the first time that the PC's have faced down this bizarre A.I. driven mega corporation either or its postronic monsters! 

Completing tonight's game was a roll on the following Random encounter table.

Talon Sector -Random Chasm Hyperspace Encounter Table

  1. A group of war refugees on a barely functioning colony ship. 
  2. Space behemoth 12 hit points trawling the depths - mostly harmless 10% chance of swallowing the ship 
  3. A flock of Chasm angels gathering stellar energies 
  4. Random 1d4 damaging micro cosmic debris 
  5. Corporate cargo hauler capital class - A.I controlled 
  6. Planar Demon - Roll on appropriate matrix 
  7. 1d4 space pirate vessels frigates with desperate and hungry space pirates. Roll initiative now! 
  8. Anti grav space city 1d30 million inhabitants - willing to trade for technical information. 
  9. Pre Stroke Space hulk with 1d3 levels and a 30% of alien tech aboard 
  10. Apex battle pyramid! Roll  initiative! She's preparing to attack!  


  1. Sounds like another great adventure!

  2. It was a great night Trey! Getting together with friends, having pizza, gaming and just having a great time! That's what's its all about to me.


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