Monday, April 1, 2013

Ammonite Orchidoid Race For Your Stars Without Numbers Game

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Ammonite Orchidoid
Armor Class : 5
Hit Dice :4 
Number Appearing :1 Clutch 1d4 warriors 
Saving Throw: 14+ 
Attack +6/+6 
Movement: Telekinetic Flight 20"/ 30" Quick Pace 
Damage: 1d8 tendril sting/1d6 tendril knives 
Cybernetics: Dimensional Filter - Enables the creatures to see through six dimensional realities per round.
Tags: Warriors, Curious, Religious, Questing 
Appearance & Biology: 
Ammonite Orchidoid are partially evolved from the gas giant plants and animals  of Alpha twenty two. These psionic telekinetic lifeforms evolved within the storms of their violent world where kill or be killed was the norm. They were forces upon the galactic landscape when slavers forced this race upon the auction block. Within the galactic landscape these beings are often found aboard a wide variety of star ships as navigators and warriors. They are used as some of the very best psychic navigators within the Talon systems.
They are fitted with Dimensional filters cybernetically enabling their psychic senses to peer into the realms of the Spike drive and other higher dimensional realities nearby including alternatives universes.
They have a distinct plant like biology enabling to gather nutrients and food from star light. They are not adverse to eating more fresh flesh of animals and humanoid should the need arise.
 Once per day these noble warriors can project a forty point force field from their shells. This field will stay in place for 1d4 rounds. They can take no other action during this time. The act how does prove physically wearing on the creatures and a constitution check must be made. 
These beings are a warrior race that evolved within the violent storms of the gas giant world of Alpha twenty-two where eat or adapt was the norm. After 54 billion years of evolution they are one of the most successful lifeforms on their planet. These beings build floating cities of spun bio crystal that float between gravity and storms. Jewels of glowing crystal amid the clouds of their world where clutches war with each other over resources and spawning rights among the clouds. Life is short, violent, and honorable. 
Many slavers take these warriors at great risk to their own lives separating six thousand generations at a clip during this forced shanghaiing. The slavers then equip the Ammonites with cybernetic dimensional filters enabling the orchidoids to pick through the near by dimensional reality. These beings often selling for thousands of credits or even more.
These beings wanderer the universe as refugees without a world and end up as adventurers or worse. They are no longer wanted by their world as true warriors. The cybernetics an abomination to the "true warriors" of their culture. These beings will sell their skills,abilities, and combat prowess to star ship crews looking for such beings of honor. 
Professional, cheerful, and patient are just some of the hallmarks of this race. They reflect the plants that they evolved from. These beings see through the illusions of local space time continuum and have a very strange perception of reality as we know it. 
They are also subject to an alien sense of honor and a strange sadness about them masked by a bizarre sense of humor. These beings often appear to be a mass of tendrils and complexity rolled into one.
They are capable of using their highly evolved natural Calsoruim stinging tendrils but a just as capable of using humanoid designed projectile and energy weapons. They wear an "honor harness" for weapons and devices. These creatures are found among many space pirate crews.
 Orchidoids are beings out of their element and adapting to their surroundings. They are both honorable and dangerous. They are people out of time and space. Wanderers on the seas of infinity. 

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