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Six Lovecraftian Devices And "Treasures" For Your Old School Space Opera

Madness rides the star-wind... claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses... dripping death astride a bacchanale of bats from nigh-black ruins of buried temples of Belial...
  • "The Hound" Written September 1922, published February 1924 in Weird Tales, 3, No. 2, 50–52, 78

There are strange devices and "treasures" which are used by the bastard children of the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones. These things are often left behind after their feet have trodden the Earth. For no man knows of their coming and their going.
There is often a price to be paid to use such blasphemies and hellish things.
Mode of Operation 
The corruption of one's soul is the least of these. Each item will take 1d4 points from Constitution and Wisdom after 1d8 months or weeks of use. This is of course up to the DM's whim such are the fallacies of dealing with such powers beyond the very sanity of an uncaring universe.

Six Lovecraftian Devices And Treasures
  1. D'hole Distoration Device - Created from the frontal lobes of these dread creatures, the device creates a time space hole within a 40 yard range of the device. The cold screams of the insane stars rings through the hole and anyone caught by the hole must make a save vs death or be turned inside out. The device is often used to reverse the flow of the planar constant. Any user can direct the hole and use it to travel 1d8 light years. If a wisdom check is made to keep control of the hole and its hellish weirdness. The device may also open a dimensional gate once per day. Users will sometimes have strange alien or insane thoughts as the brain matter takes over their thought processes.  
  2. Great Race Analyser - This strange coiled apparatus of copper, crystal, and diamond enables a user to know the technology level, history, and atomic make up devices within a 20 foot radius. The device may also pick up any stray surface thoughts left behind in the area. The user must make a successful intelligence or wisdom check to process the flood of telepathic impressions. The user can sort through them at his pleasure once the check is made.  Because of the Great Race brain make up they are able to process this information instantly.Our poor ape brain can only contain a fraction of the information flood. The device also may be used to make a copy of a human mind. There is s 10% chance of the copy trying to rewrite over the present mind of the user 
  3. Spawn Configuration Device - This organic collection of alien goo is actually a trans-dimensional locator beacon for the Spawn of Cthulhu. Anyone using the device has a 60% per round of attracting a spawn's attention. The device may also be used to locate a sleeping spawn. A cult of Cthulhu will pay 2d1000 gp's for the device.
    Once per day it may be used to open a dimensional gate. There is a 4% chance of something vile contacting the user.  Once per day the user may commune with a spawn. 
  4. Spawn Extension Claw - This heavy veined device slips over the user's hand. It is the preserved flesh of an Elder Spawn and the user's damage done in combat is +4. The fleshy thing of madness leaves bits of itself behind in any wounds. The user may telepathically take control of the mind of a person for 1d3 rounds as the tissue telepathically rapes the mind of its victim. The claw can once per day heal 1d10 wounds but the user will mutate after using this device for more then 1d6 days. The user can also telepathically commune with the nearest cult of the Outer Gods 
  5. Deep One Control Rod - This device is made from the spine of a deep one. The device enables one to command a Shaggoth as if one were an Elder Thing. This device will function normally except the Shaggoth will gain 1d4 points of intelligence as the telepathic bond is strong. This device also enables the user to command 1d3 humans or even a Deep One. The device also enables a user to take command a single ghost or soul. The device cannot be dropped or the Deep Ones will turn on the user. Their souls will be stained from using this device. 
  6. Soul storage Configuration - Device of bronze and wood with a secure spring lid surrounded by bio mechanical technology. The device can store up to 1d10 souls within it. And the user may pull any spell or skill from the prey's mind and soul within the box. The box will also enable a user to temporarily assume control of a nearby undead creature. The device's victims will want to hunt down and murder the owner. Any cult finding out that the device is owned by the user will seek you the owner out for sacrifice to their pagan gods. The user once per day may summon a small horde of 1d4 zombies to server him.

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