Friday, April 12, 2013

Summon Wrathful Space Deity Spell For Your Old School Space Opera

 Summon Wrathful Space Deity Spell 
Spell Level: Cleric 8th 
Range: 1d4 light years 
Duration: 3 years
This spell calls down a 10 hit point god of light, interstellar storms, plasm, wrath, and vengeance  The god is the combined frustration of  twenty extinct alien races who seek righteous revenge upon the forces of chaos and darkness wherever they are found.
A planetary storm will rage across the face of a world as the collective rage of this god will its way across a planet's surface.
The cleric who calls this phenomena into being is consumed by a combination of wrath and holy fire himself. His mind and body added to the collective alien thoughts and dreams that make up the body of this god.
Anyone caught within this force of interstellar nature will take 1d8 points of damage per round as the fires of the god rage though out their mind and soul.
Only another cleric of lawful aspect may rebuke and banish the god back to the gulfs of interstellar darkness from whence it comes.
The thing may leave behind thousands of messages of revenge and hate to those of Chaos. The collective god is force of reckoning that cannot be denied. 
There have been reports of these entities calling others of their kind. It is unknown how these things are created or if this even applies. Any psychics who try to commune with one of the beings will be stunned for 1d10 rounds going into a catatonic state. Unless a save vs death is successful as the god rages through their minds and souls.

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