Friday, April 26, 2013

Five High Tech Mysticism spells For Your Old School Space Opera Part II

  •  Summon Ghost of A Dead Astronaut

  •  Spell Level 5 

    Range : 50 feet 

    Duration - Immediate
     The caster summons the planar echoes of a departed alien astronaut who will answer four questions to the best of the spirit's abilities. The ghost will be truthful in all things but if summoned more then twice day place a curse upon the caster.
    The ghost may also require payment in the form of a boon which must be performed as the Geas spell.
    The cast may temporarily release the spirit with the sacrifice of one of the sacred liquids of his body. The spirit will have the stats of a ghost and may have a level drain attack 2% of the time. The spirit will only be release for 1d8 rounds. There is a 30% of a malevolent spirit being summoned instead. This spirit will try to trick or kill the wizard. 

    Summon Space Angel 

    Spell Level 3

    Range 1d8 light years 

    Duration - 1d8 rounds of service
    This spell will summon a 4 hit dice space angel life form. This spell acts as a telepathic cry into the dark void. The space angel is a complex energy matrix life form that will answer within 1d4 rounds. The creature is a lawful monster and may help the summoner but is under no control to do so. The caster must make a charisma roll and plead for help from the individual space angel.
    The creature may heal 1d4 wounds by binding the soul energies of target. The creature may charge one device or even create a planar energy arch that can create a charge for a small space craft's drive system.
    Alternatively the angel may attack a target for 1d6 points of damage as its planar attacks arch and cause massive energy damage. Space angels are found sailing on the solar and interstellar winds. They are race born in space. The summoner should scatter some blood wine as a sacrifice to the creatures. 

    Keys of the Illogical 

    Spell Level 5 

    Range 480 foot sphere around the target 

    Duration - Immediate
     The wizard summons a series of energy glyphs from the depths of the deepest corners of the minds dead gods. These glowing symbols of planar energy form into a sphere around the target. The target must save vs paralysis or be entranced as the sounds of dead dreams whisper in their ears for 1d4 hours. They will be struck dumb as dangerous sanity shattering cosmic truths are revealed to them. A wisdom check is needed to pass the test of these dead gods.
    This spell may also be used to lock a computer into a trap of chaos and hellish dire calculations that may burn out the poor mind in question unless the device saves. The spell may also be used to rebuke a robot or android. 

    Create gravity pulse   
    Spell Level 4

    Range 480 foot range 

    Duration - 1d3 rounds
    This spell creates a mini gravity well that will rip apart anything within the range of the spell for 1d4 points of damage. The spell may also be used to create a crushing well of gravity around the target but it will only last 1d3 rounds. Targets caught within this sphere can not move until the spell ends. A wizard can alternatively create a pulse sphere and read the gravity waves within a 480 foot radius. This enables them to "read" all comings and goings of any beings caught within the gripe of gravity. 

    Create Limbo Short Cut Gate 

    Spell Level 7

    Range 1d8 light years 

    Duration - Immediate
    The caster is able to create a rend in hyperspace once per week with this spell and send a space craft through it 1d8 light years. There is a 10% chance that a major planar demon lord equal to a pit fiend will notice this incredible intrusion into the unreality of the various heavens and hells of hyperspace and investigate. More over the fiend may find out the caster's name and stalk him across space and time.
    The caster must rest for 1d4 days after this spell is cast. It will cause 1d3 points of constitution damage. This will heal and is only temporary with rest and mediation 

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