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War Machines Of Mars - Actual Play Mutant Future - Post Apocalypse Mars Game Part II

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Part I right over HERE
The party made its way through the canyons cutting as fast as they could through the Valles Marineris. Valles Marinerisis a vast canyon system that runs along the Martian equator. At 4,500 km long, 200 km wide and 11 km deep, the Valles Marineris rift system is ten times longer, seven times wider and seven times deeper than the Grand Canyon of Arizona, making it the largest known crevice in the solar system.

The party consisted of 2 fighters(soldiers), a mutant/Martian scout, a chaplain(Cleric), A Martian Pychic (Wizard), and A Martian (Assassin/Thief).
Major Peter Wells Fighter 7th level Human 
Sargent Jason Burroughs Fighter 6th level Human
 Ravus Thorn Green Man/Human Hybrid Mutant Ranger 5th level 

Arrus Thorn Martian Pychic (Wizard) 8th level 
Regus Thargus Martian (Assassin/Thief) 5/6th level respectively 
The game lasted 3 hours and most of the morning. The encounters and fighting were balanced and dealt with some very dangerous combat. 
The Valles Marineris Rift System 
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The Valles Marineris system was a jagged system of canyons that had claimed victims from both sides. The place was riddled with minor systems, dead falls, minor box canyons, and quick sand. The place was a maze of madness and the land carrier had gone in there fighting an entire trios of Invaders. The carrier had disappeared about three months before.
The party tangled with a few red men raiders and then escaped on Throat back deep into the canyon. There was an exchange of radium pistol fire and some blaster play between the parties but the real danger came after.
The party met its first real taste of the Martian Giant Red Crickets. These insects are like South American    
Piranha  on legs!
 After a three day trek and a near fatal encounter with a scout Tripod. The party finally sighted the carrier and began to make their way inside. Place was home to several different groups of monsters. A family of wild mutated Cadlots, a giant fly like monster and more crickets proved to be a problem. Finally recovering the A.I. Babbage engine, the party left in a hurry. That's when the "Ghost Mecha" showed up!
To be continued next weekend!  

Martian Giant Red Crickets
No Enc 4d10 
Align: Chaotic 
Intelligence: Animal 
Armor Class : 6 
Hit Dice :3 
Attacks: 1 bite 
Damage: 1d4 
Save : F1 
Morale: 11 
Psionic Strength: None 
Hoard: 300 gp
XP: 5 
These 8 inch long orange red bastards are found in the deep trenches of the The Valles Marineris system. They are a hazard to anyone tracking through this area and are drawn to the smell of blood. They attack en mass and attracted to movement. They are expert scavengers as well and can strip anything organic or inorganic with little problem. 
They attack with six sets of specialized jaws and strip a man to nothing but bones in short order. They have a cunning hive mind intelligence and often track a party for days. Harrying and stalking them as the mood takes them. 
Many times any artifacts will be stripped clean of anything useful. They also work their way into vehicles often eating anything plastic or rubber. They especially like the insulation wire of radio equipment. 

File:Spirit Beholds Bumpy Boulder.jpg

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