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1d10 Crystal Skull Configurations For Your Old School Space Operas

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” 
― H.P. LovecraftThe Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
 They have come from beyond time and space. Carved from the most mythical crystlized dreams of gods from around dead stars. The skulls are object of the greatest mythic importance passed on from generation to generation of wanderers across the skies and planes.
These psychic keys of ancient wisdom allow their owners to open the doors of perception, the gates of the universe, and expand the mind's eye to reveal hidden pools  of untapped ancient knowledge and forbidden wisdom.

Using The Crystal Skull Configurations Within Your OSR Game 

These skulls have been the focus for ancient temples, psychic resources beyond time and space. And some of the greatest magic items to come from the hand of their ancient creators. Some say they have been carved by the force blades of Atlantis, the hands of the space brothers themselves, or even the Lords of Stability and Law. 

Each one is unique and has an almost malevolent personality fragment  Staring into the eye sockets for more then 3 turns will reveal wild visions of the past and alternative timelines within a four mile radius. 
 Each skull will act as a gem of true seeing in the hands of any intelligent being and reveal illusions for what they are. There are rumors of other skulls being psychically charged crystal balls cut from the crystallized tears of the gods. Some skulls wander the planes acting as the focus for certain important events and the object of some forgotten god or deity. 
 Once per day each skull may open a dimensional door or act as psychic key focusing the powers of the owner. The skull will grant minor telekinesis or telepathic abilities upon its owner. 
Once per month each skull has a 30% chance of granting its owner a prophetic dream.
Any cure light wounds spell cast through the skull may grant an additional 1d4 points  of damage healed. The power of the pseudo -psychic crystal  matrices acting as a lens for the power of the wizard or cleric using it.
Skulls may be found throughout the infra - dimensional spaces of the planes and in dungeons across the Uberverse and beyond. 

  1. The Equation of Angorarorc- This skull grants its user the keys to heavens and hells beyond the pale of men. The skull may each new moon open a dimensional door to a higher realm. This skull also is sought by a god of the damned. 
  2. Ilangua- The Skull of The Walker - This skull is a wandering object of dispair and loss cursed by the gods long ago. The skull will heal 10 points of damage in addition to the usual powers. However, the skull is a cursed object and draws murderers and psychopaths to it. 
  3. Ithu- The Skull of The Lost Dreamer - This skull once belonged to a dreamer who wandered the planes with it. His dreams became legend and he died while on a quest for a lost dream world. His aires took to fighting over the skull claiming that only it contained the last of his tales. The skull was lost. If found the skull will telepathically create strange and alien erotic realms of fantasy. These realms will act as illusions as if cast by a 9th level wizard. The skull also knows of several legends of lost treasure and dungeons of cosmic horror. Others have wandered away twisted and bitter cursed by the tales of this skull. 
  4. Kagli- The Skull Who Taunts - This skull belonged to a trickster god who promised many a city state and society forbidden magics and knowledge to make them invincible. Instead these places were lost to legend and rumor. The skull carries within it the damned and lost souls of a thousand generations. Anyone making telepathic contact with this skull will be stunned for 1d6 rounds as the voices of the damned roar through their very souls. 
  5. Rothert- The Configuration and The Gate - This skull allows its owner to open a time gate through 1d200 years past, future, or sideways in time. The skull is a creature of whims and will often send travelers where it thinks they are needed. The skull often teases or taunts its owners with scraps of seemly useful information which is vague and misleading. 
  6. Therordu -The Performer - This skull has passed through the hands of actors, singer,mimes, and all manner of tale spinners. The knowledge of legend and myth are woven into  this skulls dreams but they can not be wrought from it unless it strange gallows humor is indudged and given over to fantasy. This skull may perform legend lore once per week on a magic item. It may 20% know its legend,history, powers,and types. 
  7. Tuglarorgoror - The Skull of Hyperspace - This skull may open doors into forbidden dimensions and places of nightmares. The skull allows its owner to teleport across 1d20 light years per day. The skull will do 3 points of damage for each journey and exact a heavy toll from its owner. The skull may also rebuke one creature from the Outer Darkness or of an inimical nature. 
  8. Vard -The Artist - This skull may create illusions and grand works of art but only if it feels like it. The owner must make a Charisma roll to convince the skull to create these incredible magical illusions of light,shadow, sound, and skill. They will exist for 1d4 days and then vanish into the ether from whence they came. The skull has a memory of all of its owners and users. Having sampled their dreams and memories. 
  9. Varmirmauria - The Skull of The Gods of Earth - This skull once belonged to the Gods of the Dreamlands and it remembers their dreams and ways. It may once per day open a gate to the realms of dreams and nightmares. Should one tempt it, the skull may open a doorway into the Underworld and leave its owner there. 
  10. Wegiaruirode -The Skull That Speaks And Cries - This skull knows all of the gossip and affairs of the gods. The skull may show its owner all of the misdeeds and sins of the gods including treasures, bastards, and vices. The skull however is a cursed object and will not stop showing the owner these things. The skull may act as a symbol of insanity once per day. The gods themselves may take an interest in the skull and the owner. 

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