Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Ships & Space Men Indie Go Go Update

Starships & Spacemen Cover

They did it! The game has been funded(included stretch funded) & I can't wait for the book in my grubby hands here's the update!
We hit our stretch goal!
Everyone who pledged(s) at the Sub-Lieutenant level or higher will receive an iron-on/sew-on Space Fleet insignia patch!
This is the tough spot in a crowdfunding campaign where you have to decide if there should be more stretch goals, and what those could be.
I’ve mentioned in a previous update that stretch goals have become somewhat controversial. One reason is because if they are overdone, they become so expensive to produce and ship that they actually work against the goal of the funding program by costing money that would otherwise go into production.
That’s why I’ve decided with only one week left in the campaign I’m going to throw my focus into making the book the best it can be as we move into the next phase of commissioning art and putting final touches on revisions and layout.
That means instead of a stretch goal, additional funds raised at this point beyond my original needs will contribute to adding more art to the book. I think this is a great way to improve the product and reward everyone for believing in this project and supporting it.
There was a comment asking how to add additional books to your order. To do that you will need to do the following before the end of the indiegogo campaign:
Add $20 per perfect bound book.
Add $35 per hard cover book.
Note that if you are upgrading from Ensign (and these prices assume you are already a contributor) and you live outside the US, you will need to add (only one time no matter how many books you order) $5 for shipping to Canada, and $10 anywhere else in the world. If you originally pledged above the Ensign level you should have already added this for shipping, so you don’t have to do it again.
To do all of this you have to click on a perk as if you are making a new contribution, then scroll down to enter your own total. Then please send me a private note alerting me to your new contribution and what books you are adding, and I’ll add that to my list. If you want to add miniatures, I’ll paste my discussion of that here from a previous update:
Bridge Crew: $30
Any piece from the bridge crew (standing or sitting characters, chairs, panels): $2.50 each (note that sitting characters and chairs are sold separately)
Sick bay bed with patient: $10
Control Panel: $10
If you add any of these please specify in the notes section when you order which sets or pieces you would like to add.

 Personally I can't wait to have this game in my hands! Yeah I know you've heard it all before. But there has been a lack of any style of Trek game in the OSR for sometime. More news forthcoming! 

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