Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forgotten Classic - Full Metal Panic Maddox 1

The year is 1993 & its sweltering in Connecticut. I'm in a crowded room with a whole bunch of gamers & we're enjoying rounds of  Battletech while this was playing in the background.

Its now & I'm over a friend's house last night & this is playing in the background. The old school original Battletech action last night was hot & heavy.. So what's Full Metal Panic Maddox 1 ?

The plot goes like this : 
The plot centers on a mechanic named Koji Kondo who accidentally comes across the Madox-01, a small mecha (akin to a heavy powered armor suit) designed to fight enemy tanks. When Koji accidentally ends up in the Madox before thoroughly reading the user manual, the machine will not let him leave. As the military comes after him to reclaim it, Koji has no choice but to defend himself.

The Maddox Units

 Now according to Wiki: 
The Madox units in the OVA, Madox 00 and Madox 01, are highly advanced machines constructed by the Self Defense Force near Shinjuku; the military term used for the Madox units are "Slave Troopers".
The Madox-00 is armed with a rifle that fires large caliber rounds, a spear in the left hand, and a grapple claw located in the pelvis.
The Madox-01 is equipped with built in chainsaw located in the left & right shoulder binder, a claw hand on the right arm, and by default a laser guided mini-gun mounted on the right arm. During the demo against remote tanks the Madox-01's mini gun is removed and armed with a twin anti-tank rocket system and wing mounted mini missile launchers. The Madox-01 has a large array of addition weapons and is deployable from a Blackhawk Helicopter.
A Madox-02 was referred to by Ellie, although it was said to be in maintenance and is never shown.

 Right Wiki!  We'll what wiki isn't going to tell you is that the Maddox is the basis of the SAMA armor from the Rifts Rpg or that its the basis for every EXO suit in Bubble Gum Crisis. The suit was used extensively in Cyperpunk 2020 & in Mekton Zeta. These suits saw action in the Anarctica War within the Bubble Gum timeline. The suits are still being used by the AD police to this day. They form part of the backbone of the technology of that world. 

File:Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 15th anniversary DVD cover from AnimEigo.jpg

So where else might these suits make an appearance? Well since they were used extensively in so many theaters they might appear in the worlds of Mutant Future without a problem. A star ship might land on the world of Carcosa & suddenly a the Old Ones might have a bit of a problem or not. The space alien technology is pretty close to this in some respects & advanced in others.
I your thinking that there's nothing like this in the Old School Games well think again. Especially Gamma World where there were a metric ton of these style of mecha. They might also appear aboard the Warden in stores. Not to worry about game balance simply have them run out of ammo. Literally that's all that they have! They will be appearing rather soon in my Stars Without Numbers game.
 Stats will be appearing Monday or Tuesday. Sorry very tired from playing Battle Tech to 4 am! 

This is not a challenge to the copyright of the holders of this anime but a fan entry for a real world campaign. 

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