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The Reshack'Vord A Psionic Discipline For Your Old School Space Opera

" I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness.”

The Reshack'Vord A Psionic Discipline

There are dens of inequity & black schools of the darkest strip where this discipline is still practiced. Those who practice it are feared & loathed to out known space. None will admit they know it at all sometimes even to themselves.
The ability enables the user to reach into the foamy essence of existence beyond the known spheres to access worlds that are forbidden to our limited senses. These are places alien to life as we know it. Those things that live there are only to eager to answer the call to this universe.
Those who are even able to find someone who knows the tricks of seeing past the simple universe we live in has access the deepest depths of precognition. . This discipline access the strange folds of valleys of space time that have been sealed by the gods themselves. This power looks into the places beyond. 
Those who begin to use this discipline will see the flaws of everything around them. They will know the flaws  of every single structure around them. They must make an wisdom roll each day to see the universe as the way it was meant to be seen. Those who use these abilities will lose 1 Charisma point per month as their personality becomes as flawed as the places they star into.
After six months the user must make a save vs wands or be subject to the strange radiations, astral forces, weird visions. Their very flesh will wrack with the flaws of mutation itself. They will receive 1d3 mutations across the patterns of their flesh
  1. Level One By Their Mark You Will Know Them - The psychic is able to see the unearthly energies of the places around them. There is a 75 % chance that they will know if any psychic power has been used recently, what it was, & how powerful the power was. There is a 25% that the psychic will know if there is an entity still within the area & may call it. There is no compulsorily  control of these entities by the psychic however. 
  2. Level 2 - Access The Wisdom - The psychic may gain an insight into the motives of  someone around them randomly. Strange secrets, rumors, etc. that have been talked about or communicated within the last 72 hours be heard on demonic or angelic voices by the psychic.The psychic may communicate  with others of his kind once per day with this power instantly. The voices will be frightening & distorted to those hearing them however. 
  3. Level 3 - The Children's Tumble Blocks - The psychic is able to gain a +3 to any roll involving seeing the flaws within plans, structures, buildings etc. The psychic will be very cynical when using this power however & all Charisma rolls are at -4 as they become very unpleasant to those around him. The psychic must make a wisdom check after using this power or be subject to apathy for 1d4 rounds. 
  4. Level 4 - Call The Bastards - The psychic is able to see for moment the spirits around him within the flaws of the local space time continuum. They may call to them & there is a 50/50 percent chance they may answer. With a successful Charisma roll they will respond favorably to the psychic & do a minor service for the psychic. Using this power more then twice per day will result in them not answering for a month or more. There is a 10% of a planar demon hearing the call & answering. It will be hostile to the user & may attack. 
  5. Level 5 - Access The Holes - The user is able to see the folds in space & time hidden from plain view. He may once per day blink as a blink dog. The power will function 3 times & if used any more there is a 30% of the user going out of  sync with the local space time continuum. The effects are up to the DM 
  6. Level 6 - Beyond The Pale - The psychic tunes his vision to the hidden folds within space time. They are like a road map to him. He can see of an instant the world as it truly is. Some are driven mad but others gain valuable insights. The psychic can see the invisible, through shadows, through illusions, even find hidden treasure(only 30% of the time). The psychic can find space or star gates as well. This power is used 3 times per day otherwise the stress is much on the psychic 
  7. Level 7 -The Wildest Dreams - The psychic accesses the madness & depravity of his visions. He is able to send these visions to a target who must make a save vs wands or be struck dumb. The target will be caught within these nightmarish visions for 1d4 rounds & can do nothing as the hell around him plunges him into his worst night mares. 
  8. Level 8 - Call Beyond The Pale - The psychic sees beyond the pale itself & is able to momentarily interact with the inhabitants of this other place. He may call an imp, ghost, or echo of the past to him for 1d4 rounds. The creature is for all intents & purposes real for that time. It builds a PPKE body from the psychic power of the psychic himself. It will grant one favor to the psychic. This power is very taxing to the psychic however. This power can only be used once per day
  9. Level 9 - Answer The Question - The psychic is able to see & interact with the echos or the past or future. These echos are of people the psychic knows & will answer one question of the Yes or No variety about an event. The echo will answer truthful but sometimes cryptically. This power is usable 2 times per day anymore & the echos may come to carry off the psychic 
  10. Level 10 Crystal Clear Matrix - The psychic's mind flips through the mists of what might be to see the best outcome for certain events. He will see the best possible chain of events for this outcome but the madness that surrounds time itself will crowd around him. Once per day he may push a single moment favorably for himself or his fellows. This is not done lightly. There is a 10% chance that each time this is done a Hound of Tindalos may come for the psychic.
      The psychic may also use this ability to see the best route for space craft through hyperspace. There is often a crystal psychic matrix used for this operation. The matrix will hide the psychic from the Hounds view when the other ability is used.
The Minor Abilities of The Reshack'Vord
There are a number of minor abilities that many psychics manifest when learning the strange disciplines of The Reshack'Vord. These add to the sinister reputation of the psionic mode. 
  1. Call the Matrix - The psychic is able to call the strange crystals that grow between the planar shadows to them. These crystals often have to be shaped by the psychic into a globe or ball which is the perfect form. This allows the psychic to focus their vision. 
  2. Blue Lamp - The psychic is able to project a blue light in a 30 foot radius around them. The light will cause the psychic to vanish from the sight of planar spirits & the like for 1d4 rounds. 
  3. Words of The Sinister - Once per day the psychic is able to make a pronouncement! With a successful Charisma roll this pronouncement will have valuable insight into the person hearing it. The psychic may not know its significance as he is a tool to the forces beyond! Even kings & madmen may heed these words
  4. Hands of Beyond - The psychic channels the energies he uses to see the greater angles. His hands glow with the weird radiations of the planes beyond. He may cause an intense burst of these energies for 3 points of damage. Anyone caught in a 20 foot cone in front of the user takes this damage unless a save vs wands is made. Over use of this ability will cause a mutation check in the user after 1d4 hours!

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