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The Nazi Carcosa Expedition of 1944 - Hex 2516 - Re'thr'ru The Inland Sea Of Pain & Shadow

 This week the party in my Carcosa game is being sent deep into a forbidden terrority. A shifting sandy inland sea where strange lights, weird echos, & people vanishing are common. This is Hex 2516 -  Re'thr'ru The whole region is thought to be accursed & it really is! 

Hex 2516 -  Re'thr'ru The Inland Sea Of Pain & Shadow

Surrounded by the fused remains of alien cities long turned to slag this region is a desert wasteland. There is only one pass through the region surrounded by bandits, strange mutated tribes, & the occasional alien wizard looking for slaves & worse.
The whole region is awash in strange radiations & psychic time storms! Things, hills, locations & features appear & disappear in claps of dimensional thunder & rolling plasma discharges.
The valley of the sea is a different sort of danger with tranquil appearance that belies the terror here. There  villages along the shores of the sea & even the occasional citadel built along its cliffs. 
Green & Blue men of Carcosa live, play, & try to survive here as best they can. It is a very difficult life with sea creatures of many stripes living in these waters & worse.
 Every 12 days like clock work a city of incredible beauty rises from the sea' s floor. This is Ray'oth ( The City Of  The  Pad). A Deep One colony city controlled by its own mad god!
Lilypad - Floating City of the Future

Sea Bishop # Appearing: 1 Hit Points 3  Abilities Charm Person or  Monster , Psychic Blast 1d 4 point of  Damage , Can retain vast qualities of information, Telepathic
Often accompanied by 1d4 Deep One Warriors 
Ray'oth leviates out of the sea & inspects each of its colony  villages. These are breeding stock, resources, & fodder for the various weird bio mechanical technologies used by the city. The city will accept trade through its hybrid deep one  guard/agents.
 PA-41 Aqua Scout (1)
If there is trade in slaves, magic, & artifacts they may stay an extra 1d4 hours but eventually the city will sink beneath the waters once again. They often release shaggoths or their  Rust'ee (Hulk Mollusk). Kind of like a hermit crab that lives in old hyper space engines  and rusted out refrigerators. 
 The waters here are seldom quiet for every 3 weeks a sea bishop sorcerer(5th level binder) rises from the sea to preach the word of his god.
The cities rise at the end of his sermons to release any techno organic garbage. This is often a time when adventurers are in hiding for the pickings.
Its all a con for as soon as the sea bishop disappears beneath the waves. The deep ones come to collect any strays left behind on the shores. 

The time space continuum is unstable around the area because of the psychic/dimensional experiments of the city's "god" Many times strange  in dimensional ships appear on the sea & should an adventurer be nearby demand that become part of their crew. Those who do are never heard from again on the shores of Carcosa.  Many times the ghosts of Ib are drawn here to sing their songs of blasphemy & worship. They may carry away any they find. Those who do come back at all are changed.

 The city seen is merely the tip of the seldom seen ice berg. For their is a complete deep one city below the waves. Here carved from the strange rock itself is an under water mega dungeon. Here the deep ones raise monsters that are a mix of human, monster tissue, & worse. These become food, biological components, & living machines.
Random  Weird Treasures of  Ray'oth ( The City Of  The  Pad).1d10

  1. Soul Crystal containing an exact copy of the person's soul holding it. The crystal's image will mock the user & try to drive them mad. The crystal will give 1d4 psychic powers to the user per day for 1d2 rounds. The crystal will plot the murder of the person using it however. 
  2. Bits of technological gold 1d4 pieces there is a 20% that the person owning these will have to make a mutation check. 
  3. Summoning Scroll Brass coated with bits of brine & junk. Summons an angry shaggoth of max hit points 
  4. The Odd Machine - 2 foot long brass mechanism, spins, whirls, & hums. Summons a raiding party of 1d4 deep ones or 1d6 ghosts of Ib 
  5. 1d3 bits of aquatic armor made from monster & human flesh preserved 
  6. Complete set of aqua gear several pieces are steel & brass some are biological 
  7. 6 inch tall statue of  an unknown god 1d4 magical rites are written on it. The statue whispers at night telepathically to those around it. Occasionally sings songs of a dead dreamer 
  8. mini fusion reactor for power armor partially parasitic sucks 1/2 hit point every other day in a worm like fashion. 
  9. Deep one biological/synthesis cybernetic deep one arm & shoulder. Semi intelligent & grubby..1d4 mini weapon systems but must be grafted on to a 6 foot tall humanoid to work. 
  10. A biological computer in the shape of shaggoth material. Will try to eat most users. 3 hit points
Secrets of Ray'oth ( The City Of  The  Pad)
 A lone Aboleth, Rai 'rorth  controls Ray'oth ( The City Of  The  Pad). This creature is ancient beyond measure & uses his own twisted knowledge of mythos magic & bio technology for his own benefit. It's not interested in conquering, ruling, or taking the place of the gods. No he's probing the secrets of the universe while maintaining his mini empire. As an 9th level sorcerer this creature has probed the secrets of several time lines around him pulled monsters, technology, & what not to itself.
The creature is a very evil blood thirst monster but also a scientist of the highest order. He has taken the secrets of several cities around the sea & then bombed them out of existence just to preserve their secrets. The city is a means to an end.
The sea bishops are cloned living computers that he uses as extensions of its mind & allow it to investigate further a field. It knows that its position is very fragile given its position & species. Many times 
Rai 'rorth's investigations have yielded advantages that it has used to further its own ends. 
It is more likely that PC's will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the monster through its minions, psionics, or its living computers. Those it deems disposable will become fodder for its technological biological experiements or worse. All information taken from Here
Notes & Appendix N For Hex 2516 

  1. Rapture of the Deep For Gamma World Here
  2. Ten Structures That Could Allow Humans To Live On The Oceans Here
  3. The Under Water Gear By Kellri Here 
  4. The Mutant Manual II Here
  5. The Scavenger's Guide Here
    All of these make the DYI spirit of 1st & 2nd edition Gamma World & Carcosa  live. These are really all you need to run a myriad of adventures. All of the above are easily convertible to Mutant Future or Metamorphis Alpha original edition. Also means that they'll be usable with the new edition of Star Ships & Space men. 
    So yeah these are really, really well done.
    The party will be sent on an errand to this location by their Mi Go patrons.Things are about to get very dicey for the Nazi Expedition.


  1. Thanks for the links to those books. That's some great Gamma World material.

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