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The Vaults of Nar'reesshha - Encounter Location For Your Old School Space Opera

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The Vaults of Nar'reesshha

Nar'reesshha is a name that echoes through the hollows of history & depravity. This was once one of the most extensive armories within the Outer Rim colonies. A beckon of hope to travelers moving through the dangerous star lanes as brigands & pirates threatened their every move.
 The vaults were a military armory & fortress of the highest caliber. This fortress world held millions of solders & their equipment. For decades it stood against the forces of darkness until the day when the Azure Curse was placed against the place. With just one day the sky turned the hellish colors of a demented madman. The whole world was swept into the nether voids of planar hyperspace.  It has become a time locked death trap now. The world is locked within an eternal limbo of the same day. The inhabitants are now ghosts caught within an ever repeating cycle of death & rebirth.
Why is not known. Was it the curse of some pirate shaman for an unknown insult, the final curse of some madman taken to the grave, or the whim of some sinister god? None know.
Treasure World Of Hell  
The Vaults of Nar'reesshha sit within hyperspace now only emerging when certain dead stars are right . A planet locked forever behind the palid wastes of  under space. Yet the fortress, the machines, the artwork, the whole of the world is a gleaming snow globe persevered for all eternity locked in time. Those relics have been tempting adventurers for centuries. Yet the world is not unguarded. Time Elementals, The Have Been men, & far worse insure that the curse is carried out. Each time one interacts with the time locked ghosts there is a 30% chance of attracting one of the time guardians.
 Random Encounters upon  Nar'reesshha Table 1d10 
  1. Least Time Elemental -HP 4 AC 9  Damage 1d4 plus lose 1d4 years or be caught in a time loop unless a successful saving throw is made. The elemental will reassemble itself in 4 rounds 
  2. The Mockers Of Time - Doppleganger like creatures created from the stolen moments of the past. They are only 3 hit points each & with an armor class  of  9. They will try to murder the person they are copying & take their place. This is temporary at best as they fade back into the time stream within 1d4 hours. 
  3. The Stealers Of Lost Secrets - Hit points 6 AC 5 Damage 1d6 claws  - These bovine demonic humanoids will rip apart anything that they can get their claws on sacrificing it to Entropy. They vanish once they have claimed a sacrifice. 
  4. "The Have Been" Men - Number Appearing 1d3, Hit Points 3, AC7, Damage 1d6 - These nasty small dwarves of grey flesh & strangely patterned skin come from the moments that have pasted in time. They claim all of the past incarnations of objects,people, & things. Things break down in their hands including flesh. Especially flesh. They will swarm any being that they find greedily consuming them with a bio acid & they will not be denied. 
  5. The Momentary Flies - A swarm of nanotechnological time creatures that does 1d4 points of damage to anything that they touch breaking down the time constraints about people, objects, etc. These creatures can be driven off with words of truth. They will appear again in 1d6 hours in the exact same spot in time & space. 
  6. The black pools of time -  Black pools of used time that sit like toxic waste in the middle of weird areas ie in temples, apartment buildings, etc. The pools will spew 1d8 azure green goblins who will rampage about the area & attack anyone within sight. They will be max hit points. Anyone touching these pools will lose 1d10 years off their lives. Saving throws apply however. 
  7. Hollow Things -  Number appearing 1d6, Hit Points 2, Armor Class 9, - These tattered wraith like things are the remains of people that have flowed away in time. These are merely their echoes who wish to join with the present. They cause those who go encounter them to lose 1d4 rounds as they become frozen in the near now. They cause no damage but those caught by them will have visions & memories of others. These will be blurred, confused, & slightly terrifying. There are those who hunt & bottle these things as type of  drug. 
  8. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - Number Appearing :1d10 Hit Points 7 Armor Class 6 Damage: 1d6
    These owl like hunters desire to feed on the life of those around them in the normal continuum of time. They are demonic scavengers hunting from world to world where they wait to tear apart anyone within their talons. 
  9. 1d10 Hounds of Tindalos - They pour from the angles of time. 
  10. Your PCs are caught within the endless loop of Nar'reesshha, Your PCs are caught within the endless loop of Nar'reesshha, Your PCs are caught within the endless loop of Nar'reesshha,etc.
The Vaults of Nar'reesshha appear randomly throughout the cosmos on an endless parade of regeneration & destruction. Its technological treasures tempting mankind & the foolish for eternity.

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