Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Failed Annunaki Colonies

The Kilotliniq colony world is nothing remarkable. A simple E Type world filled with ancient ruins. These ruins are similar to the Sumerian cities upon Earth. They belong in fact to the Annunaki.
The Sumerians are one the oldest civilizations known to man. The Sumerians believed they were created by the Annunaki an ancient race from the stars. The Sumerians believed the Annunaki came from the stars to planet earth to mine for gold. According to ancient myths, the Annunaki needed workers to mine for gold, so they genetically engineered and created the Sumerians (or humans).

They're colony worlds are still out there even though the  Annunaki have long since disappeared. They are survived by their ancient android children.

 These creatures maintain, adapt, & control vast underground vaults of ancient Annunaki planar engines. Across the face of the planet are ziggurat structures. Ancient star gates to other worlds & planets where still more biological & strange technological treasures exist.

Some of theses star gates open to alien threats lurking on nearby "dead" worlds. The androids have for the past seven centuries sold passage through these gates . For 5,000 credits a party might pass through & gain alien treasure or lose life & limb.
The "Sumerians" maintain a primitive society of rich social traditions & will provide travelers with a very interesting experience. Those who enter some of the other ruins scattered across the planet will see the great underground works of the Annunkai

Random Annunakai Star Gate Destination 1d30
  1. The Travelers arrive around a dead star in a ruined city will around them a great space battle takes place. They must duck & cover or be hit for 1d4 points of damage as the battle continues. Giant Armored being rage war 
  2. The travelers are evolved into a higher state of consciousness gain 1d6 psychic powers randomly & returned 3 hours later 
  3. You are teleported aboard an alien space craft & standing within an alien machine it begins to hum. 
  4. Gain 1d4 random mutations & lose -2 from all attributes 
  5. You have been teleported to the heart of a star roll up a new character 
  6. There 23 gas like creatures looking at you strangely & then you receive the following telepathic signal. "The next specimen should be better then this one. Destroy it"
  7. Are you a god? A group of primitive looking aliens is looking at you & you are surrounded by "treasure" 3 tons of lead & some jewels 
  8. Your body chemistry isn't right for this dimension & you explode for 1d8 points of damage 
  9. You are now the cog in the great psychic machine gain 3 random psychic powers but you are now bio welded into the machine. In two years you may gain your freedom 
  10. Around you are the remains of a great alien city. There are a mob of strange alien creatures moving through the ruins making their way to you. 4 hit points each  1d3 tentacle attack There is a hoard of silver coins in the middle of the city square
  11. You are taken by a great alien civilization as their champions to fight a vast evil 
  12. The party is teleported into a giant plastic snack bag & a hand is now reaching for you 
  13. You are surrounded by miles of giant stone heads each the size of cloud giants. Then the statues begin to move! Suddenly the party is surrounded by 1d8 stone giants from within the ground. 
  14. The party is now standing within the hold of an alien vessel surrounded by fantastic treasures. Then a latch swings open & blinding light comes pouring in. 
  15. There are 1d6 Lovecraftian horrors chasing a gangs of humans through a group of strange ruins in an alien city. What will you do? 
  16. Around you as far as the eye can see there are petrified humanoids. They stand, stare, & are completely motionless accept every fourth round when they all begin to sing songs of forbidden alien magic & heresy.Then the sky begins to rain a jelly like substance 
  17. You are standing upon a red desert world surrounded by ankle deep sand when the mechanical hands begin reaching up for you. There are 1d4 strange alien robots that are rising around you as a black sun rises in the sky 
  18. You find yourself aboard an alien space craft surrounded by dead corpses of creatures you've never seen before. There are several panels around your group that light up as you approach. 
  19.  Your party lands on a bed of soft green grass. The whole place looks like something out of a picture post card. That's when you see the ship! The giant space craft that seems to fill the sky. Animals rampage around you & then you them! The giant space gods have come! 
  20. Your party is surrounded by the Travelers. Three hundred alien robots of cosmic power are moving through interstellar space. You are now a part of that journey 
  21. Your party is upon the crest of a hill on an alien world in the distance is a derelict alien space craft. Here & there are markers for it.. You have not been the first here. Around you are foot prints of thousands before you 
  22. The party is transported in the middle of a herd of macro organisms. Tentacles & tendrils everywhere. They float in an inter dimension soup of astral currents. There are 1d4 random treasures scattered among the tendrils
  23. Your back standing from where you were going to enter the gate but you've all changed sexes 
  24. The world below is gone & your party is now on the surface of a gas giant. Clouds, gases, etc are all whining  past your head at a very high rate of speed. Can you get your barrings 
  25. Thud the party lands in a thick patch of grass but its not actually grass but a gaggle of hyper intelligent plant beings who wish to commune telepathically with you 
  26. You are prisoners aboard a galactic prison ship & the warden wants a word. 
  27. You have 1d4 rounds to grab one random artifact from a vault before the stargate pulls you back! Make a dexterity roll 
  28. Your party is within the innards of a great alien beast. The thing has an upset stomach & your in it.There are 1d4 gall stone like objects near you dare you grab one? 
  29. You are in a time loop. You are in a time loop. 
  30. You are telepathically asked,"What is your favorite moment in human history?" Answer right now! Arrive there!

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