Thursday, July 19, 2012

Encounter At Talon Point - The Highway Men - Stars With Number game Episode Two


Tonight's game will consist of the characters penetrating the first worlds along the remains of the Talon Empire's old border in search of a gravity engine. What awaits them you might ask? 
 The trepidations of the Many Angled Ones & their minions.You can read about the  Many-angled_ones  Since Stars Without Number is a sort of OD&D retroclone. I wanted to use a faction or two that's descended from the Nazi cult that's appearing in my other campaigns.
 This strange faction travels interstellar distances by traveling through the angles of hyperspace. They are able to almost instantly use these angles to teleport themselves along with their minions across vast interstellar distances. There's always a price however. Each time these gates are used it keys a vast psychic signal. These gates open into the material universe with a back lash of weird worms, psychic red rains, & other damn phenomena. The teleport is instant but it comes with a price. Those who know where to look can find any of the evidence for this. Each time the psychic uses this ability roll on the Damned Things table found right Here & Created By The Good Folks At Heretic Works
Cults of these folks go by names like the Black star, the Inverted Nova, & The Coldest Embrace.
File:Black Sun.svg
They're symbols are many & varied but always revolve around the concept that  "Everything that can be comprehended by human senses is material, the shadow of the invisible spiritual light. The material fire is - seen in this way - also just the shadow of the spiritual fire."

The Coldest Embrace has held the current planet for over 40 years & the changes aren't pleasant to say the least.  Many of the Coldest Embrace are both psychic & Carcosian Style wizards of the darkest stripes.

 More later


  1. Ooh, I like the many-angled ones indeed. Those plus the damned things would fit very nicely in a WitchCraft game.

  2. That's the idea Tyler! Thanks for the comment & there will be more many angled goodness to come.


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