Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Nazi Expedition To Carcosa Actual Play Episode 1

 All  of the action is taking place in Hex 0111 & 0112 
The party left the Artica base at first evenings light.. They used the Vril drives to make the jump to Carcosa along with a second saucer. During the jump they lost the second saucer with its cargo of mecha & supplies in the sub dimensional hell of hyperspace. Its still floating out there.. some place. We had all 10 players tonight as well! 
The PCs have made the journey to Carcosa safely & began to look for tropical plateau where the survivor of the earlier expedition space warped in from. Their craft was attacked by a weird cigar shaped creature.. The crew managed to drive it off. They're also met the tribe who summoned the thing in their weird bio mechanical power armor. Machine gun & cannon fire drove them off So far no one killed or mutated ... yet.

Ok so they decided to raid the village of the EWER'reua & destroy them. Which is when this dude showed up & things just got serious! Welcome to Carcosa! 
Two PCs dead from plague & thrown over board! 
 In case your wondering this is a plague demon of Shub Niggurath ( the spelling is correct. The tribe pronounces it that way). Actually this a Monsieur Ultraforge Plague Demon which I was saving for this game

 They just found the original 1904 expedition's craft. They've also found the skeleton of one of the crew men. The skeleton is radioactive & has four 2 inch holes bored into the skull. They've also found the acid burns etched into the spine. They're having a meeting to decide on a course of action. They've also posted guards with machine guns!

Their psychics have gotten some very weird readings off of the skeleton itself & caught a glimpse of an unknown monster in its last moments! 
 Well I've got to share this! They found this item just like I planned! This is the "key" for the dungeon & every door in it! Thanks to Jim Wampler who may be the party's instrument of slaughter for this evening. Remember this opens every door in the ruins

 you can read about this wondrous item right here
The PCs have just unpacked their mechs called Little Boxers from their saucer & set up perimeter guards. Man they're spooked though after a quick encounter with some teleporting alien monkey style creatures..
Hit Points 22 Armor Class 4 Battery power with a 2 day charge. 24 hour charge up from nuclear power plant 
Missiles 1d4 damage 200 yard range 
2 Machine gun pod with extra ammo drums 1d3 points of damage 
Tesla Cannon 1d8 damage 400 yard range 6 shots & then the battery is drained out
Vril Sensor Package +3 to all rolls involving sight & sensor skills 
Telepathic crystal matrix 
Upgraded with anti grav flight as well 

The party got turned around making an investigation of some weird aurora effects coming from a strange fungal garden full of ruins. That's when they ran into this robotic/cyborg guardian This time a "drug" garden belonging to a cult of the Old Ones. They faced the guardian of the place & escaped barely... 3 mecha were riddled with C beams glittering in the night.

They made it to hex 0209 after nearly being wiped out! Their mecha was slightly damaged but they managed to find a cache of parts & junk . These contained upgrade parts for their mechs! 

Temple of the Mi Go Hex 0209 on the Carcosa map! Created from the burned out remains of a star drive

The Vril-ya greeted them at the temple & set about making them feel welcome within their temple paradise. They heard strange insecticidal buzzing & weird songs from some damned age in the background. But they had reached their goal with only minor injures & 2 deaths..
 A couple quick notes
My apologies to Zak over at the Playing With Porn Stars Blog but many of the above images were borrowed from his blog! Thanks Zak!
Ancient Vaults whose also my friend is going for shoulder surgery & I wanted to give a shout out for him to take care & good luck. Please stop by his page & wish him well.
I'd also like to thank Larry & his players for his hospality & players for getting into this wild ride! 


  1. I really like this, keep them coming. Would make for a really great supplement.

  2. I concur, great stuff, and great material for a supplement of some kind.

    On the mechs, are the HP and weapon damage set to some kind of 'mech' or vehicle scale, or are those standard HP/damage scale. Just wondering because there are all kinds of primitive non-exploding/non-machiengun weapons that do a lot more than 1d3 or 1d4 damage.

    Really loving this, keep it coming. :)


  3. Thanks for the connituing support on this! Thanks for all of the great emails & comments..
    chrisrobert- I'd love to do a supplement from this campaign..

    edowarsblog These are set to standard Carcosa/Human Space Empires damage scale. Page 251 of the Carcosa rule book has most of the alien technology. This armor being 1940s style technology doesn't have all of the Carcosian add ons or upgrades(yet). They really are outgunned & out matched.. for now. There are more surprises in store.
    The scale of the suits is actually hard suit or Maddox scale because they'll be a story arch connection to my Stars Without Numbers campaign.


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