Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mega Dungeon of Fettenburg Castle For Your Science Fantasy Campaign

File:'The Carpathian Castle' by Léon Benett 33.jpg

Fettenburg Castle - Lost to the planar warps this sprawling castle was once the home of the Fettenburg noble family. The castle was part of an extensive battle between the forces of Chaos & battle weary vampire family as well as their army. The head of the family finally cast one last enchantment casting the castle, its grounds, & everything within the spaces between. The castle has been seen wandering the cosmos. Its former inhabitants mere animalistic shadows of themselves. The location has been the subject of the whims of dead gods for centuries. Fettenburg castle has a glamor about it which temps all who see her with their heart's desire. But it delivering nothing but death, depravity, & a sense of utter horror within its walls
 The strange castle supposedly has over 17 levels to it & is rumored to have added more! The evil thing seems to be a living entity that moves rooms, slides doorways, & builds within its halls traps for the unwary. Its agenda remains vaguely sinister at best.


  1. I suppose that you know Castle Drachenfels?

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    1. Omlet the problem has been changed & removed! I think that new castle reflects the entry better!


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