Friday, July 6, 2012

Carcosa's Shores & The Warrru Guardians

A White Man tribes woman & her respective husband/mate greeting an adventurer who paid for their services 

 The shores of Carcosa are haunted by thousands of weird creatures some of the worst are the ancient metallic creations of the Snakemen who still haunt the ruined shores of ancient city states patroling lands that have not seen a human soul in eons!

 The Warrru Guardians
# Appearing :1d4 
AC :8 
Hit Dice: 4
% In Lair : 60% 
Treasure :10 -30 gems & components

These beings dwell within endless metallic corridors of ancient citadels acting as guardians for technological treasures  beyond reckoning. These monsters from some dark eon will project dangerous heat rays for 1d4 points of damage.. They will not stop or be reasoned with unless one knows the vibrational codes lost 30,000 years ago. A Charisma roll must be made when playing an instrument to gain their attention. They may communicate or blast the person to atoms

These monsters will assemble others of their kind from  precious gems washed in the damned currents of Carcosian shores..
There are  certain tribes of White Men upon Carcosa who don cybernetic implants & have truck with the Deep Ones to learn the secrets of these beings..Many retain their services to gain the trust of these guardians.  Those who have truck with these White Men may have to bargain their sperm for favors.Details are left to the DM.  The guardians  often know of abandon technological caches upon the forgotten & forbidden shores of  Carcosa.

Forbidden Songs Of  The Warrru Guardians
The caster makes a drum from the preserved skin of a blue man & find a game trail belonging to the guardians. He then must inhale the forbidden fruits of Loz found in the hanging gardens of the Forgotten Serpent ruins along with the musical composition needed for the rite.
 The Guardians will find the caster within 1d4 rounds & they may be within a foul mood 20% of the time. The caster must quickly drum out 23 rhythms of the creature's mating call or be blasted.

 Before the Golden Age, Book 1, a collection of classic SF tales from the 1930s, edited by Isaac Asimov. There is a 1931 story called Tetrahedra of Space, by P. Schuyler Miller, these creatures were inspired by the art from that story but not directly taken from it. These monsters are no challenge to the copy right holders of the respected artwork. 


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