Friday, July 13, 2012

Nazi Mega-Dungeon Moonbase

Nazi Mega-Dungeon Moonbase History 

The waning years of the war saw the Reich losing ground on all fronts. The spirit of the Nazi war machine had run out of steam, money, & a complete spiritual decimation. There were other forces that were working within the ranks however.
For years money, manpower, & technology had been funneled into an incredible project starting back into the late 30s.
 Project Rebirth as it was called was the combination of three different secret societies within the ranks of both the Nazi rank & file as well as the SS. 
Even with the so called artifact's help & the combination of brilliance German engineering. It too decades to establish  the hidden moon base on the dark side of the moon. 

A combination of the sacrifice of hundreds & the willingness of those in charge to achieve their victory let to the formation of the Black Sun units. These were not simply fanatical cultists or naive believers in the dogma of  the ideals of their country. These were professionals who believed that they had a job & right to do what must have taken decades. From Antarctica 40 or more launches to the moon took place from the 1930s through the late 50s. 

A moon base was carved out of solid rock & 10 levels were built to house the brightest & best of a new generation. Machine shops, labs, & all manner of colony equipment was built. Then something happened! In 1958 the place went deathly quiet. 

The strange weapons of unearthly super science still sit there. The facilities are sealed & no one knows what horrors are still there. Still waiting. There are at least three separate locations that were created by 1958. 

Time & again there have been lights seen within this region. Reports of objects of unknown origin moving across the face of this dead place. Errie reports of transmissions & such. Russian probes sent go dead. No manned missions have ever made it there & no one knows why?
What Waits In The Darkness 
For those in the know there have been flares of Vril energy sources. Spikes on ancient sensors that have been silent since WWII every 23 years. There are weird rock formations that move & retreat from the telescopes of those scientists in the know.
From time to time weird television signals echo from the dark side. Very few scientists who ever receive these speak of them.
Something is now stirring up there. Something dark, evil, & full of rage.
A Treasure House of Madness

There are literally hundreds of weird science wonder weapons in storage at this facility. That is a hard fact. The declassified materials reveal 6 hangers hollowed out of 4 solid mountains. There are at least four particle cannons of an unknown nature.
In the future parties of die hard patriots & fearless explorers will have to brave the horrors that might be found here to find out what happened to the original colonists. 

That will be happening in the coming future! 


  1. Excellent! More space Nazi goodness.

    -Ed Green

  2. I simply cannot get enough of stuff like this! Reading that little taster was not enough, I want more please...

  3. First thanks for the wonderful comments!

    Ed there will be more goodness tomorrow with a new weird science device & actual play report from '44 from the Carcosa Expedition!

    shortymonster- That's not a little taster --- its foreshadowing! There will be more coming up!

  4. What are those miniatures and where can I get them?

  5. Richard R. - I believe they're from Games Workshop & that those are the new Imperial engineers??! A friend had them & so I'll ask in the morning. I'll come at you with a definitive answer!


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