Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nazi Expedition to Carcosa '44 - Episode # 3 - Actual Play

Tonight's Nazi Expedition to Carcosa '44 - The PCs have just gotten attacked by a cannibal cult wearing power armor. Two of the ten PCs have been injured. This cult also had a Shub Niggurth Spawn with them. The PCs Mi Go patrons drove off the spawn & have asked for a meeting at their base with the PCs
On there way to the Mi Go's cliff side hive. The PCs noticed something on the Vril radar/sensor suite. They approached silent, slow moving, anti gravitic cigar style mother ship. Many of their instruments went off the chart & this thing dwarfed their own ship. They hung back for a few moments & this craft silently glided over them. Then it open fire with machine guns! The PCs have decided to shoot back! The craft dropped out two smaller saucers.. The PCs are reluctant to use the energy cannons as they don't have enough ammo. They're going to need to acquire the nerve centers from a spawn to get them working again. They've retreated into a cloud formation & dropped chaff ( the biological remains of a mythos monster not simply chaff). 
Well that was a close one. The PCs have managed to evade this strange mother ship. "Perhaps we're not the one Germans on Carcosa" Hmm perhaps not

The PCs have been invited to see the conversion process for the Mi Go Vril ya. This isn't quite the paradise that the propaganda made it out to be! Sanity checks right here! "I wonder what the inner chambers of this place holds?" 
No really go down & check! 
The Mi Go want an artifact & the PCs are going to have to retrieve it. There's talk about a teleportation gate to allow them to shave off some flight time. PCs aren't happy about this! Oh ho there's the first failed sanity test & the PC is in a corner whimpering!
Smoke break/supper break - Chicken with potatoes, a light wine,& soup with bits of bacon.

In a stunning reverse of patronage the PCs have rejected the Mi Go offer of perfection through surgery after the insane PC went missing. The PCs skin was found on the floor minus the PC himself. They have improved him, taken his brain & spinal column into a sealed metal jar. 
Here comes the power armor! This might be a mistake because the Mi Go Warrior are coming out with the electric guns! I'm using the original Dieties & Demigods stats here! There goes on power armor now! That's 2 PCs out of ten for this evening! The PCs are using machine guns to cover their escape
"When the adept prepares to return to his world the Guardian of the Gate will bid him to feast upon the flesh of Gauru-Yoth, and thus will the adept become one with the world god and carry the essence with him. Over time the body of a man will take on the cast of Gauru-Yoth and become an unspeakable thing, taking on the appetites of Gauru-Yoth, ravenously consuming man and beast alike." 
Gee they've just found some ruins & written in 8 foot letters is the above quote. They've decided to leave now. Only there is a saucer hot on their tale!

The PCs have set up another base camp & will go back for more supplies come morn. They've set up guards,mecha, & machine guns. Little do they know that near by a group of Deep Ones is watching their every move! A temple of Dagon sit off nearby. The Deep ones have 3 shaggoths at their beck & call.The PCs have decided to bargain for some artifacts from the Deep Ones through their human looking hybrids. Wilheim the thief of the party has decided to sacrifice a couple of fingers in exchange for "treasure" Using the cryptic formulae found in Von Juntz's "De Vermis Mysteriis" and seemingly inert tissue samples from Germany's ill fated 1938 antarctic expedition; They have at last achieved success in the creation of shoggoth protoplasm. They have gained three energy weapons & the protoplasm's rite.
The Deep Ones will show them more but they demand one of the lady PCs..The party turns them down & leaves

The PCs have tangled with their first Shaggoth as I knew they would! I brought a prop from my archives! 4 dead PCs from the shaggoth! The Shoggoth Formulae prop & how my shaggoths have always looked for the last 5 years. Taking a break now after their psychic cast the banishment formula!
Oh Sh** the material activated inside their saucer! Fortunately their psychic was able to leap into a protective circle they had prepared beforehand according to Von Junt's specifications and was protected from the ravenous thing. They're trusted assistant Conrad was not so lucky, several pseudopods wrapped about his legs and dragged him directly into the central mass where he was quite noisily digested. While the creature was occupied they tossed some high voltage cables in the central mass and threw the switch simultaneously reciting Alhazred's "Voorish Chants". The combination of electrical and eldritch energies proved sufficient to boil the horror down to a greasy liquid

Migo Artifact recovered, likely to be some sort of "scalpel" device used in the harvesting of brain tissue by Mi-Go operative. Artifact displays no obvious function and appears to be inert, in keeping with other yuggothian technology it may require a biological power source supplied by the user, this process allows the Mi-go to be fully integrated to their tools and explains the variety in their appearance. The alien devices can integrate with human tissue and function with varying degrees of success but the process is both physically and mentally detrimental to humans.Recovered from officers body. Party not happy about this. 6 out of 10 dead for this evening..PCs just killed Mi Go warrior with death ray!

PCs recovered a alien book from the wreckage of an alien craft. They fought the strange wormlike humanoid things inside the one man saucer. They used energy weapons
One last thing they found the still living brain of the pilot within the saucer! MUAHAHA
Tonight's real treasure the alien book. A hoary spell book of unknown ages of Carcosa's past 
1d20 sanity blasting spells bound in the humanoid flesh of something long forgotten. Smells of dead things from unknown seas..

Note that for years I've owned a number of Lovecraft inspired props by Zarano..  Especially the ones used in tonight's game. You can visit his blog Here & purchase some great stuff. 


  1. Sounds like another great adventure--and the write-up's enhanced by some great pics. I'll have to snag a few of those for future Pulp Space posts.

  2. Agree, another great write-up, accompanied by some great pictures.

  3. Thanks for the comments Trey. The game was fantastic! I've got some minor editing to do on this entry.. The pictures all available on the net.

  4. Thank again for the lovely comments & I look forward to your pulp game!

  5. Thanks Ed -There's more madness to come!


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