Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Nazi Expediation to Carcosa Episode 2 - The Fuel Quest

Larry's game has opened with a bang or rather a magnetic anomaly in the form of a wrecked alien space craft! Let see if the PCs will go for it? 
They do! Five of the ten players are going down in exo armor to check it out.
There's a very nasty spawn of Shub Niggurith waiting for them. They're looking for technology & nuclear fuels for their saucer tonight 

‎Three  of the PCs have left 2 of their lot to die with the spawn just so that they can get a hold of a micro fusion plant for their armors! The others however have been ambushed by Tchos Tchos

The other three Nazi have just entered the Cavern Orifice Factory Of Shub Niggurath & will be made into forms more suitable for their new mistresses nature! Oh look time for a smoke break

‎3 PC have been killed raiding the factory by an alien cyborg with an alien fetus for a brain. After casting a rite to by pass the goddess. The players are taking another smoke break

The Tcho Tchos whipped the party's ass with energy weapons.. Looks like the party's second characters are going to have to be thawed from sleep pods! The players are a bit in awe of the bastards. I'll think they'll be avoiding that hex from now on. The clue might have been the various cages filled with Carcosa men with various limbs missing

The new plan is to upgrade the party's technology or die trying? This isn't a plan so much as a set of guidelines. One of the male PCs has discovered he's pregnant but it isn't human! They've secured the services of a local guide. He's pictured below. Guriri'rea Homm a tracker of the wastes. He gives them information about a village of blue men who use a wide variety of technology & are much easier to deal with. His price is the flesh & genitalia of the victims 
The PCs have scouted out a village of blue men & their cache of technology. They are waiting until night fall to raid it! They've seen the village champion & figure they can take it. What they haven't counted on is the village god! The tentacled horror that eats human ganglia & eyes.
They're sneaking with saucer, mecha, & machine guns! This is getting serious now!

Calling it a night after the PCs managed to loot a "treasure" hoard of technology from a blue man village & then they left when this thing showed up from a neighboring village. This mech doesn't have a pilot. Its powered by the soul of the ancient chief of these blue men. The chief powers the thing with his soul & a fire elemental bonded together to form a new entity.. A Thalabos Mech - 9 hit points, AC 5, Jale Fire Guns each capable of 1d8 points of damage per blast. Two blasts per round. 

The PCs went up a level but their party engineer(ie thief) almost blew them to kingdom come examining the alien tech.
The PC's psychics got some very bad readings off of some of the alien technology. One of the PCs has a level in sorcerer from Carcosa & a bit of the levels of spells from Crypts & Things black list of spells 1st level. The others are keeping an eye on him. Hons has already been threatened with a Luger to the back of his head while looking over one of the alien items..
They finally got the fuel they were looking for after trading 2 of their treasure with another village.. The Mi Go have an assignment for them next week! 

This is mostly ufo mythology, some Call of Cthlhu stuff, Nazi/Iron Skies, & Carcosa. The system is Crypts & Things though because of the combat system & sanity system. Also C&T has a bit of a darker tone than S&W.


  1. Good stuff as always. Figures the Nazis would get to Carcosa eventually. My condolences to the poor pregnant character.

  2. Thanks Trey! These Nazi are a bit smarter then their brethren. I didn't resolve the pregnant character's fate just to torture the player a bit more! There's more Nazi goodness coming up.

  3. Great stuff, can't wait to read more.

    -Ed Green


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