Monday, July 30, 2012

The Yorvrur''val Children of The Dark Star For Your Old School Space Opera

Children of The Dark Star 
Number Appearing : 1d6 
Hit Points: 5 
Damage : 1d6 per strike with their claws,by weapon 
Special: Teleport As Blink Dog, Regeneration 

These demonic half bastard children of demon & other appear across the universe to herald the end of an era. They will often accompany comets & other stellar phenomena.They bare witness to the passing of worlds, eras, cities, & civilizations. They feed upon those who survive. Often sucking the marrow from the bones of their victims.
These monsters are related to vampires & are often seen dealing with their lesser descendants with mocking attitudes & flaming black magical swords. There is no love lost between the two monster races. They will replace the vampire within the local undead food chain if possible.
These beings are neither alive nor undead but existing a twilight state of being where they hover between existence & demonhood.
They will often lair within cemeteries, battlefields, interstellar debris fields or the like. They choose their victims with care & sup on the weak willed or simple minded. These monsters will often travel ahead of battle fleets & invading forces announcing the carnage, futility of action, & then feed upon those who panic.
The Children will often sing about things that they have witnessed. Those hearing these terrible dirges must make a save vs wands. Or be struck with a profound sense of apathy making all rolls at at -2 for 1d10 rounds.
Once each 3 days the children may reach into the darkness of their souls & draw forth a black sword of sharpness. The sword will disappear with the coming of a new day.
The Children are scavengers of the worst variety & dispoilers of all that is good.
"Dark Star" by Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky (Russian,1849-1921


  1. No reason to limit these guys to space opera. :)

  2. Nope your completely right Trey! They can appear anywhere & at anytime. They're bad news really. Now if only there were some intrepid adventurers to stop them.. Hmm
    There's more to come man & thanks for the comment!


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