Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nazi Carcosa Mission 1944 Notes & Appendix N

 The crew are assembled for their mission commander! There will be five officers & five crew aboard with a complete weapons complement as per your request! We have to saucers leaving the Antarctica base come morning! Our psychic division has sent major Hogsetter as ordered by high command! We have 400 pds of precious metals gifted to us by the loving population for the jump! The displacement field will allow access to the hyperspace gate!
We will be tracking the former expedition using their Odic field signature & should reach their location within 2 weeks your subjective time.

Crews are prepping the mission as per your instructions for this afternoon's lift off. There a few extra items being loaded upon the ship..


The troops are being assembled as we speak & the systems are being charged up with the Vril forces from deep within the Earth herself
Navigator & Pilot Psychics are being used for this mission & high command has high expectations for the success of this mission.
Morale has never been higher among the troops!

Notes about the Nazi Mission To Carcosa 1944 

The idea for this adventure is nothing new & goes back to the days when I first started reading Robert Heinlein in Rocket Ship Galileo  but was only recently renewed with the release of  Iron Skies..
The set up with the Mi Go is going to be a bit unhinging for the group & also the various Nazi weird science  spawn  of the Old Ones fitted with cybernetic devices.
Or the fact that the Tesla Bridges that the Nazi were using to get to Carcosa were closed after the detonation of the various Atomic Devices in 1945 & so on. These created ripples in the sub hyperspace continuum that are still being felt today. All this of course was documented by Dr. Ray Stance during the 80s..


For today's game I'll be using a combination of Terminal Space, The Goblinoid Games family of games, & Crypts & Things 
These folks will becoming a menace in my Stars Without Number Campaign! 


  1. I still need to see Iron Sky.
    Hardkor 44 would probably be some good inspiration for type of campaign. I don't know too much about it, but the concept art is definitely inspiring.
    That fourth image down. What is that from? Iron Sky concept art or something else?

  2. Hopefully you'll post a play report. I'd love to find out how it goes.


  3. Thanks for the comments
    Maedar Antocus- All images are from an "Nazi UFO" google image search. The I believe the fourth one down is a preproduction image from the movie though. Iron Sky reviews are mixed. I've got to check out Hardkor 44!
    Edowarsblog- Not to worry there will be a post a play report coming up tomorrow!
    I'm off to game gentlemen! Later & thanks for the comments


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