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The Misbegotten - Undead Horde From Beyond For Your Old School Space Opera

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The Misbegotten - Undead Horde

Beyond time & space as we know it are the realms of the angles of unreality. These are places where even the normal realms of planar physics breaks down. Temporary foams of heavens & hells wash against each other as the remains of various universes whirl  against entropy & time winds down.
 This is the domain of demons & far worse. Places where the anti life is strong & creatures build temporary bodies from emotions & beliefs of those long since past.
One of these entities is the Misbegotten, a one time disciple of Orcus who became so powerful to almost rival the demon lord himself. The lord of the undead would not have it & so stripped the name, essence, every essence from this would be demon lord & cast him to the angles.
Such a fate would have ended most entities but the techno necomancer priests of Orcus called down the power into the material universe.
The power was sheathed in the nanite organic viruses of a million worlds. Plagues of undead began to roam the universe where the viruses touched. But there were other things, horrible things  among this horde of undead not seen before. The Misbegotten are called again
The Skulls of Wrack & Ruin
Number Appearing :1d4 
Hit Points: 4
Armor class : 6
Damage: 1d4 per blast of  green grey hell fire. 
Special: fly as bat, partially material, mocks others constantly
Hordes of these monsters accompany the Misbegotten on their raids  of the living. They constantly mock & amuse themselves on the sufferings of others. They're endless prattle points up the uselessness of  living while sewing the seeds of apathy in their victims ears. Even when the Misbegotten has left a world dozens of these monsters are left behind as calling card & endless torture.

 Minstrels of The Damned
Number Appearing : 1d4
Hit points: 4
Armor class: 5
Damage : 1d6 from the cold unearthly touch of their skin.
Special: Undead, Regenerates as troll, -2 to all skill checks on target from the dirges of hell that they play
These masked menaces from beyond the grave always accompany the Misbegotten on their rounds. They announce the coming of the undead horde with their songs of the Abyss itself. They can't be killed & will regenerate as a troll. They're touch is the coldness of alien hells. Bone cracks, skin freezes, & the victim's mind fills with the sound of demons! A psychic may 30% of the time with a successful attack as their forms return to the void as the planar energies return to the angles.
 Capering Mocker
Number appearing: 1-2
Hit points: 7 
Armor Class : 5 
Damage: 1d8 per hit
Special: Claw hits as ghoul, Partially immaterial, rage as berserk
These terrible foul smelling things are all that remains of the Misbegotten himself  They  are an unholy mix  part demon, part ghoul, & partially existing outside the material universe. The creatures torment the living ahead of the great mass of the undead horde. These monsters fly into rages & tear apart anyone see tossing the body parts back to the horde. They have a wicked sense of humor priest & clerics are of often the butt of their jokes.  They dance around their targets flinging decaying body parts hither & yon.Their streaked & matted hair is sewn through with the rot of the grave itself. They attack as berserk warriors once a target has been identified they will not stop until it is dead.
The Smoke Of  The Ages
The horde is made up of  wights, zombies, & many variations of undead. They collect their number & incorporated into a nanite swarm. This weird black ungodly cloud then plunges from world to world.. They're whims & hungers driving the forces of  hell within the material world. The cloud can be stopped temporarily by vary powerful psionics or magics but it can not be denied for long.
 These monsters may be found on any world called there by the the techno necomancer priests of Orcus. They power of their desire, hungers, & fixation calling down this plague of the damned on the living.


  1. Love it, there's some great ideas here.

  2. Glad you liked it David. There's new stuff coming up tomorrow. Thanks very much for the comment!

  3. Thesee guys will be getting a work out soon! They'll be appearing in Thursday night's upcoming Stars Without Numbers game!


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