Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vort'rrela -The Empty Ones For Crypts & Things


The Vort'rrela -The Empty Ones
During the latter half of the Twilight Wars.These warriors became very common. Produced by the millions. These biological undead horrors are merging of ghoul tissue & abhuman flesh. This gave rise gave rise to a new breed of warriors. Undead things who were servants of their own hunger & base needs able to follow any orders given. These monsters could see in the dark, had little fear of most physical harm, & could track their prey by sweat alone. They were immune to daylight from their human side. The Vort'rrela have been described half finished human things & animal fetuses . Slick, dull skinned grey monsters with the rough features of ruined wax & sickness. They are often equipped with the tools & weapons of soldiers. Their masks hide the monsters inside.
These monsters barely qualified as human at all. They most often feed upon the very prey they were sent to hunt.
Number Appearing :1d4
Armor Class: 8
Damage: 1d4 per claw strike or by weapon
Special: Infravision, Regeneration as troll, can't cross circles of protection

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