Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Nazi Expediation to Carcosa Episode 3 - The Parts Quest

Tonight the party is about to find out what happened to the early 1904 expedition's saucer to Carcosa!
The PCs have set up a base of operation after 3 month operation. Supplies are dangerously low & their not happy at all. The Psionic batteries of Vril are having a hard time dealing with the dimensional chaos of Carcosa itself. They've had 5 separate attacks tonight so far. They need to find some spare parts fast! And away we go

They've found the remains of a downed Haunebu 2 style saucer but the design is much more primitive then theirs. They see lots of oozing liquid & movement down in the jungle valley below them. Sensors are jammed because of odd radiations coming from the valley floor. This is a Haunebu 2 saucer
They think that jungle striges were the main monster for the first encounter? Could there be something lurking under the green glowing gunk that lays around the saucer? Lets find out if... And boom 1d4 purple worm like monsters erupt from the mire! Machines guns are blazing now! Yeah waste your precious ammo! MUAHAHAHAThese aren't ordinary purple worms nope they have the qualities of giant rot grubs. Really you have to ask yourself.. Whose flesh were they infesting? Hmmmm

So they killed off the purple worms well most of them did. Two dead & one insane! Oh yeah we're off to a good start. The psychics have detected something evil coming from within the remains of the saucer. I'm slowly building up suspense & their running low on bullets. There are 2 rayguns just out of reach will they find them in time when the ghouls attack? 1d10 ghouls. The ghouls are the remains of the 1904 party.
3 are now infected with ghoul plague. They've taken a smoke break. One of the PCs has elected to remain a ghoul... The players are discussing destroying him or not. The player will not have the paralysis touch of the MM ghoul.
Advanced form of the plague & then the whole mind goes. It leaves a very low intelligence. He's got the claws, the level in fighter,can use a gun as well, etc. Actually doesn't need it(the touch)..He's got his normal intelligence for now..

Tonight's second dungeon takes place within the giant 6 story skull of a great old one. The energies of the monster have attracted all kinds of Lovecraftian horrors. The place is stocked with the parts they need. They've learned this from the former Lieutenant of the other expedition. There are 16 rooms within the skull. Did I mention that Carl the NPC is a ghoul & only by being infected could they understand him? Al Al Cthulhu! 
One of the monsters within the dungeon was this parasite! 

Hand Of The Old Ones - Outer God Parasite 
Hit Dice 6 
Armor Class 7 
Damage 1d4 with needle sharp teeth 
Special: Explode from the hosts body within 1d6 rounds. Immune to psionics

The PCs just acted like the Nazis they are & raided a "poor defenseless" village actually this village has a temple dedicated to the Great Old One Dagon! They fired machine guns from the saucer. Then awoke the avatar of the temple. They were able to grab a force field & some type X treasure. The saucer is in rough shape though after tangling with this guy!

The PCs  need the that saucer fixed asap! Really? Ok there's a sorcerer whose willing to help for half of the treasure & a quest for next week! He's got a grudge against the temple & loathes the Deep Ones
The saucer is fixed but they now owe the sorcerer
a quest..Muahaha. Very tired now & off to home.. Early night
All of tonight's action took place in one whole hex. That's it.


  1. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I've enjoyed reading these posts. Killer stuff, and I really do feel for your players.

  2. Thanks & I'm very glad your enjoying all of this. The players asked for it in spades. They told me to cut loose on Carcosa & so I'm! There's more stuff coming up. Because I have 10 players I have very little guilt over killing a character or two every game!

  3. Another great post! I'm wondering, though, where do all the replacement PCs come from? Does their flying saucher have cyrogenic pods or something like that? Keep up the great work.

    -Ed Green

  4. Ed the PCs aren't sure why the ship's sleeper pods are stocked.. Could they have been on Carcosa a bit longer then they thought? Are they carrying out someone else's agenda without knowing about it? Perhaps
    Maybe a bunch of disillusioned young German soldiers signed up with the Black Sun division.. Only time will tell.
    Thanks for a great set of comments guys & more to come next week.

  5. You really are on a roll with this series. Great fun!
    Keep it coming!

  6. What GJ said above. These have been great.

  7. Thanks Garrison Jones! We'll be posting more to come on these!
    Justin Glad your enjoying these. There's much more to come guys & thanks for the comments!


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