Friday, July 27, 2012

The Darkness Between The Stars -Stars Without Number - Actual Play Episode 3 1/2

 The Party headed into the depths of the Relic Empire after leaving the star gate at Talon's Point. They had some extensive readings in hyperspace before exiting the gate. A fleet of   space cruisers belonging to the Interstellar Police whizzed by them. There was some radio contact & a warning about the region of space they were about to enter.

 After a sensor sweep they encountered the remains of a heavy cruiser. The hull of the 10,000 ton vessel was  carbon scored with deep cuts into the exterior of the ship. They watched it for five minutes & with the flight deck missing, a small reactor leak, & the weapon systems still intact the party wasn't taking any chances. They were by passing this encounter going right to the heart of their mission.
The recovery of a gravity engine from Illumanium itself. The party dropped a salvage buoy & tagged the wreck. Who knows what awaits them aboard that ship?

The planet itself was a barren wasteland. Row after row of abandoned cities, space ports, etc. The whole place was eerie & is like a carnival after 4 am.

 They followed the signal of the drive to a space port left to rot in the desert world's triple suns

The approached on a deep orbit & landed. The Land master exited their ship & they drove into the ruins of the silent place. The wind howled at 10 miles an hour. The air had gone stale & bad as the terraforming units had malfunctioned centuries ago.

Seven space craft remains sat around the place. The party's lust at recovering these wrecks turned to disgust as they discovered that rail guns had been used with pin point accuracy many years ago. The hulls were punctured & electromagnetic pulses took out the electronics of many of the ships.

The wreck they wanted was mostly intact but had been exposed to the elements. Sand, rust, & dust had taken their toll on the wreck but it's parts were mostly intact.

Night was coming soon & the party didn't want to stay at all. The things mostly came at night, mostly..

There were weird vines draped over everything in the hull. The reactor was still active after all this time. Electricity pulsed through the vines & one PC got nailed for 1d4 points of damage from those vines. They were much more careful after that.
 After that the entire party began the task of  carefully detaching the gravity drive. 5 hours later game time the deed was done. That's when the building began to shake.
A strange massive vehicle showed up! The thing dwarfed the buildings around it. 

 Out of its bowls came a swarm of 7 combat robots. The party didn't even stick around! They climbed in their transport & ripped out of there.

While the combat droids were checking out the buildings, wrecks,etc. The PC's rolled very well to meet their ship & light out of there.

After another 2 week stint in hyperspace they were able to get back to Arch light space station where a warship was waiting to take possession of the engine. They got paid, filed their salvage claim, & did a quick refuel on their ship. They're going back for that other wreck for salvage though.
Bottomline of the adventure 
  • A gravity engine 
  • four engineering mechs 30 years old that will be refited into one working suit. 
  • 3 small hulls for salvage plus assorted parts 
  • a new alien plant species 


  1. Sounds like the game is going well. :)

  2. Hey Hay Bill! Long time no see man! Yup its going great. My smaller 6 person group loves Stars Without Number & its going pretty damn well.


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