Thursday, July 26, 2012

Into Talon Space - Stars Without Number - Actual Play Episode 3

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Tonight the group is going into the heart of Talon space to seek a pair of gravity engines within the folds of Talon Space. The whole area is riddled with all kinds of  ruins, death traps, pirates, & God knows what. Talon Space is all that remains of the once great Talon Empire. After the Stroke became the Talon Relic Empire. Simply a collection of planets not even controlled or paroled by anyone.
Now the home for space pirates, mutants, lunatics, & the mad. Many of the surrounding powers simply try to contain or destroy the rag tag fleets that occasionally emerge from the place.
There are thousands of ruins, relics, & treasures still laying around on planets where swarms of nano monsters wait to tear the fools who dare to trespass. The PCs are mad enough for such an errand as this.
Notes About Stars Without Numbers 

  1. Its been recently pointed out to me that the PCs are going to need thousands of credits to maintain their space craft. That means lots of adventures, treasure, & monsters simply to upkeep things 
  2. PCs even at level 5 or 6 are still very easily killed! They need lots of adventuring & experience points simply to survive. 
  3. The game is very Traveler like but has a clandestine feel to it. It easily suits a more gothic space game. 
  4. Mechs & robots are smaller & anything Battle tech mech size or larger has to be built as a vehicle. That also means that mech combat is much more personal & upfront in the game. 
  5. The old school "Japanese animation" feel is going to be stepped up tonight. Cybercity will a major influence  in tonight's game

6.Much of tonight's action will include space borne monsters. Things that have been engineered to survive the hard vacuum of space with a bit of an Lovecraft twist. 
 After game report to follow later so stay tuned!
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