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Spacial Planar Walking & Navigation For Your Old School Space Opera

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 They are lean and athirst!" he shrieked... "All the evil in the universe was concentrated in their lean, hungry bodies. Or had they bodies? I saw them only for a moment, I cannot be certain."
—Frank Belknap Long, "The Hounds of Tindalos"

There are pathways through space & time that invade the mind of psychics. Things that move in those angles of space where time is nothing more then an illusion. This is the place of dead roads where those whose mind wanders there can learn to fold space as a man folds paper or his fingers.
Those who use these abilities risk much as the things that dwell there are not simply another form of life but another existence entirely.  Each time one employs these abilites they risk much from the "Ones Who Rebuild Their Bodies"  or simply the Tindalos.

"At the beginning of creation, a terrible thing was done.  Echoed and reflected throughout time, it still seeks to accomplish it dire purpose.  Beyond the White Void it lies, hideous beyond human comprehension or imagination.  This ignorance, though a great mercy, yet leaves our souls exposed to a fate unspeakable and malign.  Were it not for Those across the Black Void, that all-devouring barrier that not even the Strong Door passes, there would be no hope for we who are caught within the coils of the Great error.  But They, upon Their wise, all-seeing Thrones, intervene not against mere damnation, but only to avert the advent of the Fatal bridge.

- While we, in our awful foolishness, still batter at the gates of That which is to Hell as Hell is to Heaven."

- anonymous, The Urgaak Manuscript, codex B

 They are from the angles of other realms & we move through the curves of space. Those who access this ability see but the curves & the angles. Yet those who dwell there are the anti life building their bodies from hunger, desire, & the very foundations of the universe. Their realms are undergoing constant change, destruction, and re-creation.
Those who use these abilities see & are seen by the hounds & others. Alien Demons, unknown devils, & the remains of gods whose worshipers have pasted on are also there. The used up prey of the Tindalos & worse. Eaten but still conscious they all seek the life of us all & at the end of this existence they may have it.
Yet there are advantages if one does not mind the cost of their souls. 
Spacial Planar Walking & Navigation Powers Chart 
  1. Level 1  - Pierce The Vale - The psychic can see though time & space to his destination. There is a 10% of being seen by forces from beyond this sphere. The psychic's perceptions can be cast ahead to see the "now" of the situation at his destination. Light, temperature, gravity, etc. are all seen by the psychic as if he was standing right at the viewing location. His mind is else where when using this ability & so must be guarded lest someone or something seek to harm the person. He is at -4 on all abilities when using this power. The user's conscious will unable to perceive the world around him for 1d4 rounds after using this ability 
  2. Level 2 - Channel The Foulness - The  user is able to channel the foulness or wrongness of the other life that dwells within the angles of space & time. The user may spew forth this foulness for 1d4 points of damage per round for 2 rounds. The target must save vs wands or take full damage. The victim will take half damage. 
  3. Level 3  Eyes of The Universe - Time & distant are illusions to you. You can see everything but must concentrate through the hazy waves of quantum foam & matter to see what needs to be seen. The sight beyond is yours & a wisdom check is needed each time you use this ability to keep your perceptions from wandering. There is a 40% each time this ability is used that something else may notice you. & follow
  4. Level 4 - Corporeal Teleporation  - The Psychic views his destination among the stars or planes. He can wander the planes to get there but must shed his current body. Upon arrival he will build a new one from the molecules & life stuff of the stars by making a save vs death. Should he fail he will be a bodiless spirit less then a ghost. There is a 60% that an angel of death, demon, or hound will scent the spirit within 1d8 rounds. The user may try again to rebuild himself. A successful wisdom check is needed each time this ability is used not to go slightly mad for 1d3 rounds each time this ability is used.
  5. Level 5 - Walk The Spheres - The Psychic learns to keep his own body intact & journeys through the angles able to move 1d20 light years. With a successful stamina check he may bring others with him. The psychic must make an intelligence check to keep to his destination. There is a 10% each time this ability is used that something foul & horrible  will notice him. The psychic will be very hungry after this ability is used. He  will require a full meal & rest as per the AD&D DM's guide. 
  6. Level 6  - The Strong Door - The psychic is able to project a hazy force field of planar energy equal to X 20 points plus the user's hit points. This will last 1d6 rounds after which the poly dimensional forces will collapse.  The character is protected from any planar creatures  for the duration of the power After which the character must make a stamina check. 
  7. Level 7 - The Brazen Key - The psychic is able to move himself & any space craft  1d30 light years from his current position in 1d6 rounds. The psychic must make an intelligence check every round  to create & maintain his psychic shield. 
  8.  Level 8 Metatropic Semi-material Planes Of Time - The psychic is able to experience his own history & perceive the events from different points of reference. He may adjust stats by learning from his own mistakes. The psychic is able to view recent stellar events & conditions in time. The psychic can tell if there have been recent stellar activity within the last 1d8 days relative Eisenstein time. This is of course is dependent upon an intelligence test. 
  9.  Level 9 -Phantom Hell - The psychic is able to reach mind & body into the angles to travel instantly through the Black Void. Distance is now an illusion. The pathways are now open to him. He may move 1d100 light years. However the person using this ability is now a creature of the angles & using this ability more then 2 times per day  will allow the creatures of Tindalos to claim the character as one of their own. Even using the power will open the character up to 1d3 points of damage. The character will have an unnatural hunger that must be slated every 1d4 days.
    Unnatural Hunger Table 1d6 
  1. Blood - The character must drink a glass or more each time a power is used
  2. The flesh of dogs or cats the whole animal
  3. Grave dust 1d4 spoonfuls each day 
  4. The foulness of graves each time a power is used
  5. The flesh of corpses each time a power is used
  6.  A pound of flesh from a wizard every two weeks


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