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Megazone 23: Part II MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand

MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand
Hull Class: Light Specialist 
Type: Transformation
Cost ~ (Available Through The Black Market Only)

Mass :10/3 free
Speed :6 
Hit Points :10 
Weaponry: Light Machine Gun, Light Laser 
Defense: None 
Antigrav Node 

Comm. Interceptors
Panoptic Cloud 
A.I. Access 

Weaponry : 

Heavy Machine Gun  Dam 3d6  AP5, Ammo 
Light Laser 3d8  AP 10, Ammo 
 Transformation: Takes Less  Then 1/2 a Round to Transform Between Modes 

The Ground Motor Cycle
Speed 2  Armor 6  HP 10  Crew 2 

The MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand is an example of human pretech from before the Stroke & after one of the numerous alien clashes & battles. This  Maneuver Slave system is a perfect marriage between man & machine. A fast, maneuverable system that blends bleeding edge technology with the skills of the pilot. Perfect for both space combat & urban war fare the MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand takes the battle to the enemy. Capable of reaching speeds of over of 300 km/h.

The MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand makes a perfect scout, commando, & forward observer for a unit. Capable of quick decisive action this unit is not without its defense capabilities. Armed with either a heavy machine gun or light laser this unit is capable of packing a punch.  

This is a level 7 based military design (level 4 pretech) & therefore not available on the open market. The transformation ability enables the MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand to fulfill a number of roles. The weapon system is low cost & can easily be manufactured in any level 4 pretech factory. This enables the design to be used by many colonies, armies, etc. There is a psychic upgrade available for the Maneuver Slave system allowing a complete psychic neural net to be installed. This enables instantaneous communication with any A.I.s within a 2k range. 
Megazone 23: Part II MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand Model Kit 1/32 Scale
The classic design & timeless performance of the mecha allows it to be used with A.I.s, light infantry, & a number of support rolls. 

The Antigrav nodes are supported by a series of  external jets for fantastic maneuvering capabilities. The A.I access allows the pilot's internal & external data to be collected & collated in real time giving his commander an added advantage on the battlefield. 

MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand For Human Space Empires
Frequency: Very Rare
No. Enc.: 1d6 
Alignment: Neutral or Allied 
Intelligence: As Pilot 
Size: Large (9' tall)
Move: 90'(30') per segment 
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 6+2
Attacks: 3
Damage: 2d8/1d8
Save: W6
Morale: As Pilot 
Hoard Class:  
Special: +4 on Saves vs. mind affecting PSY Powers, Darkvision, 
Experience: 300 

Developed by his most Grand weapon smith Hiroyuki Hoshiyama. The military were developing new weapons underground to avoid A.I. detection during the Atomic Wars.   They would have cleared "Level 6" just before the bombs dropped. The design has been seen time & again from world to world where the touch of the A.I.s & Cymeks have been. These weapon systems are often seen on worlds which are under their dominion. 

The MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand is a Maneuver Slave system & carries a number of relic technologies within it . Including Antigravity nodes which add +2 to all combat rolls. A complete portable positronic neutral network hook up  which adds +1 to all computer related rolls. 

Excellent Light Heat Ray Pistol ~ Range 360  Damage 4 -24  9 shots
Graceful Heavy Wavium Pisto ~l Range 360 Damage 3d6+1  10 shots 

Complete sensor suite capable of 220 foot range same capabilities as a scan scope. 
Also has a translator orb built within 
Microset communicator & complete set of spy eyes
Magnolock limbs enable the system to function in space.
Excellent Environment systems enable the MZ-22 Maneuver Slave GR-2 Garand to function in any atmosphere as well as space. 

The Maneuver Slave system is capable of switching between vehicle modes in 1/2 a combat segment due to the incredible relic technology found within it. 

These highly prized systems are often found within the hoards of grand A.I. entities or aboard lost warships. They easily are a match for many lesser mecha & robots. 


  1. I request a Shogun Warriors post, Eric. :)

    Also, you should check out the Science Fantasy Round Table video on my blog. Your blog gets praised.

  2. Thanks for the comment & the shout out Trey! Request accepted!

    I listened to the Science Fantasy Round Table in between clients today. Thanks for the shout out. I've had some thoughts on the subject..
    1. I think that science fantasy isn't easily defined & the more that folks try the less easily it comes.
    2. Gonzo isn't a bad thing & the way that folks cross the line is flexible.This is as it should be in my opinion.
    3. I think that the DYI approach to OSR games or any games for that matter is the really the best way to go. Fun is really the
    I update this blog frequently because this is my online notebook/acid test. I think very quickly & so this has been my place where I write my thoughts, game play, & game related material. The readers don't see even half of what goes on because frankly lots of it is well crap. Working a full time job & doing this is interesting to say the least. I've got this Stars Without Numbers campaign coming up Thursday & I've done a sector of my own for the game. Right now I'm trying to balance the science fiction & science fantasy elements. There is wiggle room but its tight. In closing I think that the Science Fantasy Round Table was well done. However the harder you define the genre the more narrow the focus becomes. All in all it was very well done.

  3. The staff at Studio ARTMIC were serious tech designers. Just about every video they made has a classic like the Garland. I have some bandai "entertainment bibles" with their concept art (bit small to scan).

  4. Thanks for the comment Lee B!

    The staff at Studio ARTMIC were tech geniuses in the sense that it looked like everything would work if your sat in the cockpit(?) of their mechs! I've seen the "Entertainment Bibles" that Bandai put out years back.I've got a friend whose a serious animehead & has all of this stuff. So by proxy I've absorbed quite a bit of it. I'm finally starting to get a handle on where this new campaign will be going. There's more coming soon!


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