Friday, July 6, 2012

A Nazi Expedition to Carcosa!


 In 1944 an expedition was mounted to find the remains of an earlier German expedition to Carcosa in 1903. The Nazi expedition finds some extraordinary things. Again with 10 players! We're playing a Nazi Expedition to Carcosa!
Actual Play this coming  Sunday using Crypts & Things.


  1. This actually going to have some repercussions in my Stars Without Numbers game as well! Thanks for the comment Malcadon!

  2. Hoping you will have updates to this like your other games.
    Curious if it's inspired by some of the stories of the Vril society's belief that they had remote viewed an advanced alien civilization on Aldebaran? (I love going though UFO/Occult lore for ideas for games.)

    By the way, you still running the Mars campaign?

    (I think Blogger is broke today. Took nearly a dozen tries to post a reply.)

  3. Maedar Antocus thanks for the comment & yeah there will be updates just like my other games. This game is a prequel if you will for my Thursday night Stars Without Number game & it will be involving an off shoot of the Vril society. I'm going to be nit picking through the UFO/Occult lore starting tomorrow for some of the ideas your going to see here. I've got an entire sector with new mecha, psychic powers, & new stellar dungeon crawling.
    Hate to say that there will be fall out from the Mars campaign but even though it "finished". There's going to be blow back from that as well coming into both campaigns. Thanks to Garrison James & Judy for some of the upcoming ideas. :-)
    Blogger can be a pain in the rear I've found at the best of times.. More to come rather soon.

  4. Is there nothing the Cthulhu mythos can't make awesome?!

  5. Thanks for the comment shortymonster! "Is there nothing the Cthulhu mythos can't make awesome?!" Nope it works universally! Ala Ala Cthulhu!


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