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The Highway Men - Stars Without Numbers Set Up Game & Another Forgotten Classic Orgus

Arch light Station - Straight Out of DiFate's Catalog of Science Fiction Hardware 
 The PC's in last night's game found themselves  unemployed & without hope in Arch light station. Their ship barely held together with bailing wire & a prayer. They made it through the whole decontamination process when a guard surrounded by two war droids informs them that the commander wants to see them.
 They get ushered into an office & told to wait. 

Surrounding the party are all sorts of weapons, artifacts, etc. from the fallen Talon Empire. The commander's young daughter bounds up to the scholar of the party asking if he's her new teacher. A very intelligence 17 yr old with a mind like a steal trap.
The commander walks in & begins talking with the other adventurers slowly giving a lesson about the Talon Empire & how the Dynastic Spheres where the characters now find themselves. He's  looking for a group of adventurers to recover a gravity engine from a new by planet.
In exchange he'll upgrade the characters ship & grant them 8,000 credits.
He tells them of the planet Illuimumin whose people were some of the greatest engineers of the old empire. How the planet was engulfed within one night by a horde of nanomachines & the survivors finished off by war droids that still roam its deserts to this day.
The party went to think over the offer. They were accosted by a small mutant beggar who gave their scholar grief & was actually a mascot for a group of pirates who made a counter offer. The PCs were amused even as they were wined & dined. They declined even as the "begger's" bodyguards followed him out 

The party left the station threading their way through the currents of space on their way to the star gate toward's talon space!
What's Really Going O

The entire area of Talon space is more then slightly out of sink with the local space time continuum. Life in the Talon Empire is a daily struggle as forces from outside the angles of space drift in.
The Stroke was actually the work of a  Space/Time Oscillation Bomb.
The space of  this sector hasn't recovered at all. Time & space are like cheese cloth.
Where does this come from? 
Super Dimension Century Orguss !

You can find out more information about this classic right Here The mecha above looks incredibly familiar because its very,very old school. 

The Orguss series mecha aka Bronco 2 variable fighter also makes an appearance in Robotech the original Harmony Gold series. mecha from the Orguss series can be seen fighting alongside other Macross Destroids in front of the bridge of the SDF-1 Macross in the last episode of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The mecha in question is shown holding a shield and a rifle in the other arm for a moment before being shattered by incoming enemy fire.
 There was all kinds of maneuvering back in the 80s with Robotech. It was a very hot property. Before Macross was introduced in the US as part of the Robotech series, Revell sold several models 
of various Japanese mecha as part of their Robotech model line. Because Revell already owned the right to use the Valkyrie design, Harmony Gold was only allowed to air Macross if they would rename it to Robotech. It has however nothing to do with the series otherwise. The Robotech model line also included mecha from others series like Dougram,Votoms or Orguss, which have absolutely nothing to do with  
Macross or Robotech. 
 More information right Here

The same model was used in a very generic DC comic series called Robotech Masters that has nothing to do with the Harmony gold series. The Orgus is also the inspiration for one of the most powerful mechs in the Gamma World 2nd edition game. This came from the Empire of the Sun. Gamma WorldEmpire of the Sun. "Empire of the Sun". Roger E. Moore. 101 (80) Dragon magazine. 

This came from someone's very well personal campaign Robotech game you can find that right Here
The Orgus or Nebo is the inspiration for an exo suit that will be appearing in this campaign next week!

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