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The Sector From Hell - Stars Without Numbers

The Frealr''rere Invaders From Beyond Time 
They are the lost ones & the damned who exist from some future world yet unknown to the human race. Still they care little for words, works, or deeds only to feed on the flesh & life force of their own ancestors . They have broken through the barriers beyond space & time. For they hunger with a vengeance for what man has in his soul.
Body Type : Humanoid
Home World : Other Dimensional 

Lenses : Collectivism, Wrath
HP: 4 

AC: 4
AB :+5 

Damage : 2d8 tentacle strike & level drain 
Skill bonus +2 
Save :14+
Move: 30' 

Morale : 9 Especially against their own ancestors in which case 10 or 11. 

My Stars Without Numbers game is coming up tomorrow & I'd like to say a few words about what is going to be facing my players..
The Jopclynes Sector

 History & Overview 
The Jopoclnes sector is a small corner of the universe. The merest blip on the screen of passing star ships. But it is home to The Capital Worlds - Corporate run worlds of order where the citizen's needs are taken care of by efficient & brutal corporations. The bottom line is still the bottom line. Here worlds are settled by man long ago & terraformed to suit their needs.
When the  Stroke came the secondary wave of psychic force that shattered the worlds the Corporations saw it as a prime time to grab the Paradise worlds. Within hours of the event the skies were filled with warships & those who saw them were reeling from the shock of the Stroke there was little resistance.
They now rest under the perfect jackboot of these greedy corporate overlords.
The Dynastic Spheres are all that remains of the royalty of the Talon empire which dominated this sector. They are a brutal & savage group of warriors keen to crush any resistance under their boots.
They work as mercenaries for the Corporates & enforce their rules & regulations when needed. Always greedy for the coin they will go anywhere or do anything in the name of the corporations. 
The Phraint Collective is all that remains of the trading partners of the Talon empire. The phraint did the logical thing & conquered any of the worlds around them. They were once used as labors & miners. The Stroke provided them the opportunity they needed to move forward. They have become a power to be feared & loathed..They control ten colony worlds & use the natural resources to exploit both the Corporate worlds & the Dynastic Spheres.Resources,metal, nuclear fuels, etc. The Phraint are not to be trifled with. They are known among themselves as the Hurraku. The  armored troopers of the Phraint are many times the last things seen by their victims. The black Phraint troopers can from time to time be found within the Relics of  The Talon Empire.. 

(By William Watt, from Emperors Choice Games.)
 The Talon Relic Worlds aka a The Relics of the Talon Empire are all that remains of the once mighty Talon Worlds. The tech level four + worlds once produced & guided this sector. The Paradise worlds were their terraformed jewels. Virtual paradises were half the galaxy vacationed in luxury & the finest style.
To look at them now is to know the poverty & depravity of the Stroke. These are worlds of ruin. The hyperspace byways are rife with storms. The worlds themselves ravaged by plague, wild nanomachines, war droids, & half a dozen alien races from outside time & space itself. 

 The talon worlds also produce some of the most blood thirsty mercenaries in this sector. The Talon worlds have resisted conquest from half a dozen attempts by The Capital Worlds, The Phraint Collectives, & the Dynastic Spheres. These are wild worlds & the inhabitants like it that way.

A typical gang of reprobates from the Talon Worlds 
Mutants, Cyber Displinces, & Gene modified are counted among the number of inhabitants of these worlds. Still mercenaries are sent from time to time to brave all manner of hazards just to collect some 4th level piece of precious technology for some corporate noble or other.

The worlds of the Jopoclynes Sector are locked in a titanic cold/hot war with each other over planets, resources, & technologies.
Many times this war turns hot with Mecha & hard suits being used to pull the back bone out of a world or other.

Robotic Droid units are also used extensively for operations throughout the various worlds. These units are so common that they can be found in every space station, far corner world, or desert planet.

Type 23  blasters are also found throughout the worlds. The above is a typical Talon model. This one has seen many,many owners

Mecha are often used to settle corporate or world battles with little input from the public of the world that they are used on. These mecha are typical of the time. Many mercs use smaller more maneuverable  hard suit or exo suit technology.
Many ancient & deadly technologies
 still lurk on the Talon Rim worlds. Here some of the fiercest fighting was done when the Capital Worlds made their push. Thousands of John 3:16 units are still active even after 35 plus years..

Other hazards include alien robotic units, wild A.Is, & many other robotic hazards.

The Jopclynes Sector Appendix NMany of the above images come from 70s & Early 80s movies. This campaign is going to bring the ancient alien menace that is hinted about in The Stars Without Number Rules. Everything is up for grabs but specifically science fiction films & illustrations from the 60s & 70s.  The Jopclynes Sector isn't a clean place. I've specifically made a break with the clean old school Travelers style game. Instead I'm concentrating on a Judges Guild Traveler style game. The gonzo space pulp is in full effect here. The Capital Worlds are modeled on the corporates from Roller Ball & the 70s style of science fiction. The Dynastic Worlds are modeled on the royalty of Krull with a bit more technology. The Phraint have a hint of Phase IV. They've been ported over from Arduin for time constraints..

The Talon worlds are everything thrown into a blender with Ice Pirates, old School Anime, & Space Hunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone.
The biggest influence is a book that has been with me since 1980. Space Wars Worlds & Weapons is a good book with some awesome illustrations. It pretty much gives me the 70s style view of space warfare.

Haunted Space Stations, weird plagues, alien robots, etc. are just a few things in store for the players. 

 The above video has me thinking about a major plot hook to get the ball rolling.
There are also Mi Go I've converted over from Terminal Space who are working to destabilize some of the various worlds governments.

Mi Go Scientist In Disguise art by Stephen King

 Then I ran across this story & I'm planning on cannibalizing  it for the first adventure. A bunker in France that has various hardware from WW I through the 70s when it was abandoned. I did a bit of research.
Secret Underground Bunker Is Full of World War Weapons and Military Vehicles
You can read the who thing right Here

Then there is the matter of the Long Ship floating around a dead star waiting for a damned soul to find her. The ship has a whore's promise of riches & lost technology but delivers death instead. 

Two more influences on my game tomorrow night 


  1. This is AWESOME!

    I love that odd breed of "80's blue-collar space opera" like SPACEHUNTER, ICE PIRATES, METALSTORM, GALAXINA, et all. Seeing SPACEHUNTER at the cinema in glorious old-school 3-D as a kid was one of the defining moments of my childhood.

  2. Thanks very much Richard R.
    "80's blue-collar space opera" is what I was aiming at! All of the above were my inspiration for this sector as well as blogs such as the Space 1970 blog! There's more action coming up with these as well! Thanks for the comment!


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