Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unique Relic - The Doll of Hastur

The Doll of Hastur - This strange machinae is said to come to life during the second rising of the damned star of He Will Not Be Named. The automaton is said to answer truthfully three questions and then give its master a cryptic truth said to drive the owner insane. 
Should the creature be attacked it defend itself with strange razor sharp claws. The creature was originally found within the ruins of Gastonburg Cemetary draped over the crypt of a known necromancer. The thing was seemly weeping over the stone sarcophagus. 
# Appearing : 1 
Armor class : 7 
Hit points:4 
Damage : 1d4 per strike 
Special : Poison (Save vs Poison or contract a rotting disease)


  1. There is not a thing about this I don't like. :)

  2. That's great Trey there's actually lots more coming up wit this setting.


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