Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dinosaurs In Your Old School Space Opera

 Biopolica Incorporated began to clone & distribute their Dinofood Inc program which includes over 55 varieties of cloned dinosaur meat for the various colony worlds of mankind. After the fall of the first empire the technology came under their heading of production & distribution to over a million worlds.
There has been an uptick of sales to various Empire worlds with rumors of incredible competition on between rancher franchisee holders. This has led to open warfare between many parties. A number of pirates & various scum of the galaxy have taken to outfitting some species with cyber weapons for use against mecha with some degree of success.
Biopolica Incorporated does not condone this practice. The cyber harness dinosaurs have also been used to herd their own kind. Various wild worlds & the like have been lost over the mileu. Those who have claim these worlds back have taken record profits from a variety of unknown free ranch species.

File:Egg Mountain.jpg
Egg Mountain by by Pavel Riha 
Given the wide gap between the various artificial & natural species caution is advised when dealing with any of these species. There have been instance of  random nanite or natural induced mutation. There have been hundreds of deaths associated with cloned meat dinosaurs & their natural apex predators. Crews & ranchers are advised to use mecha or hard suits when necessary 
File:Pampadromaeus barberenai - réplica.jpg 

  Biopolica Incorporated  offers 12 different types of rancher space craft capable of handling most of the better known species. These craft are equipped with cold rooms & sleep storage facilities for bringing your herd to market. 
File:Aletopelta coombsi.jpg
  It is only within the last 10 years that new opportunities for  Biopolica Incorporated  franchise holders have exploded allowing greater penetration of the galactic market. 

Biopolica Incorporated  is proud to present its newest line of clones the Sauropelta  with 8 sub varieties of product ready for whole sale & retail on the open market today! 
File:Sauropelta jconway.png

Those interested should contact their local Biopolica Incorporated ranch office today opportunities are becoming available everyday! So act now & get in on the ground floor of the food product of the future. 

Random Dinosaur Encounters In Space 1d10 Table
File:Edmontonia 6394.JPG
  1. A cargo of valuable cloned dinosaur fetuses flash frozen for artificial implantation. 4000 credits worth in cold storage 
  2. A fleet of ranchers bringing product to market. Heavily armed & armored cargo/ sleeper ships. 3 million credits worth of dinosuars 
  3. A carrier ship filled with cloning officer/scientists from  Biopolica Incorporated. Easily Kidnapped & ransomed for a cool million credits 
  4. An illegal cargo of cybered dinosaurs aboard a transport ship. There are 13 dinos & bonded riders. They may be recruited for a mission with 40,000 credits or more. 
  5. A hauler ship with 14 rancher mecha aboard & an escort of 4 fighter ships. Valuable cargo & worth 6 million credits. Fighters armed to the teeth. 
  6. A transport ship with 19 head of dinsaurs aboard with 12 million credits but there are security troops aboard. They're hostile & armed for trouble 
  7. There are a group of Dead Again Earthers who have seized a transport ship with ranchers aboard. They want a ransom of 23 million for the ranchers who are easily worth twice that. 
  8. A transport is moving illegal meat eating predators for implantation of cyber control systems. There are 4 million in dinosaurs aboard. They're are 13 armed guards aboard. 
  9. A Tee Rex has developed psionic abilities & has taken over a star destroyer. He will not listen to any interference && wants to return to his family unit. Anyone in his way will have weapons trained on them. 
  10.  A rare group of  type C clones has mutated & is now considered weapons grade animals. The animals are priceless & the company that created them is hunting down anyone with information to their creation. Th crew & ships carrying these animals aren't aware of the 11 million credit bounty on their ship. 

    Lambeosaurus magnicristatus DB.jpg
 Please note that all cyber systems are from Here The owners of this blog are not responsible for any loss of life or limb due to Mega Fauna systems. Nor are we responsible for accidental death or dismemberment given the current state of galactic affairs. This blog is also not responsible for insanity or link damage as a result of telepathic contact with any of the species listed 


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