Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Revisit To A Free Mutant Future Supplement Devastation Drive In

Just last night I reprinted this great supplement from Justin Davis from A Field Guide To Doomsday. Its fifty seven pages of monsters stated up from some really fantastic cult movies from your favorite video stores from the 90s for Mutant future.
Its absolutely free as well. With the recent Star Ships & Spacemen game plus all of the love that Sniderman has been spoiling us with I've began to look back into Mutant Future once again.
I never really left the game but its worth visiting again. The Mutant Future game is a perfect vehicle for those old school original Trek style post apocalyptic games. This is one of the best things that came out that's absolutely free. Go over to the area on the right of the screen marked  Field Guide Documentation use it to your heart's content.. 
 This style of grade z goodness could be used extensively in a space based game . Three monsters spring to mind.
The Astrozombies, the stuffies & the radioactive horror of the Incredible Melting Man these are just a few of the monsters to be found.

I'm not going to lie & say that these are fantastic movies. They're terrible grind house classics that capture exactly the mood of some of the post apocalyptic goodness of the Mutant Future game. 

With the right application they can become pretty damn tough though to the right group..
With things like "The Stuff " a DM doesn't have to work to hard to adapt these movies to serve as awesomesauce to jaded players who know each & every monster around.

There's lots more in the book & you can download it right now Here

 Mutant Future seems be undergoing a mini resurgence over the last 2 weeks & I thought I'd remind some folks about this book. I'll be adapting some of these to my SWN Thursday night group


  1. Devastation Drive-In is one of my FAVORITE MutFut supplements. Not only is it grand for the critters, it prompted me to go out and buy The Stuff and The Incredible Melting Man (movies I recalled from my youth). next up -- The Deadly Spawn!

  2. First thanks for the comment. I think that its useful for a spacebased game like Metamorphis Alpha or Star Ships & Spaceman 2nd edition. Even games like Stars Without Numbers can benefit from this supplement.There's a sense of fun about these movies that this book captures. True Grindhouse if you will. The dripping attitude that you find in movies like Machete,Deathproof, & other recent films. The fact is that gonzo never really fit the post apocalyptic genre in my opinion. Fun yeah but gonzo..nope.. This one really captures that sense.

  3. Yet more awesome material for Mutant Future/Gamma World/post apoclypse games. And another cool blog to follow, too. Thanks for heads up. :)

    -Ed Green

  4. You are welcome Ed. The blog is fantastic another cool blog is called Gamma World War & there's lots of my favorite ideas there! Point your mouse over there & its post apocalyptic land right away!


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