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The Xere'Rara - The Half Demons Of The Byways For Stars Without Numbers Game & Your Old School Space Opera

The Xere'Rara - The Half Demons Of The Byways

Lenses: Gluttony, Greed,Tribalism
Government: various Tribes compete for dominance
Technology Level: 4-6 
Motivation: Gluttony, Greed 

There are some spacers who travel the interstellar solar trade winds & they have very long shadows indeed. These folks have encountered things in the lonely places & angles out of time that should not be. They are not alone.
There are things that have remained frozen in time & space since the time before time began. Things that are almost lifeforms but whose path was shattered under the great betrayal of the Elder Ones.. They were almost alive & now seethe in the forgotten wastes of dead planets & orbiting hellish stars in the forgotten shadows of lonely planetoids of the damned.
The Xere'Rara  or  The Half Demons are members of a tribe of loosely affiliated life forms that create in roads into the by exploiting the chakra points of various life forms. 

These strange monsters exist upon a nearby time space continuum & exist completely out of sink with the normal universe. They can exist like this in a timeless state for eons. Though this existence is torture it is only a means to an end until a vessel can be found. The monsters sink into the predimensional planar space nearby.Thy watch & wait until a lifeform happens by.
Using several pseudo psychic disciplines they use the energy vortexes nearby to become parasites to the life form. Unless a suitable saving throw is made the person's flesh becomes nothing more then a bio mechanical unit to the creature.
These monsters are most often encountered in the shadows of former alien capital cities & ancient tombs. A horde of these things will target the nearest life form.They will  select one of their number who will psychically attack the victim.  For a moment time itself seems to stop & the target may get a glimpse of the monster from out of the corner of its eye. Unless a successful saving throw is made the target will have a passenger within their souls.
They monster will slowly take control of the target through  a deadly form of  soul possession. The victim will take 1d4 points of damage each time the Xere'Rara takes control. Flesh will run like wax as the monster will begin to shape him into a more suitable form for the monster! Alien
Claws, weird eyes, strange organs, & oddly colored flesh are only some of the additions these monsters add.
The Xere'Rara Form AC: 8
No. Appearing: 1 (1d4 horde)
Hit Dice: 3(plus host)
Saving Throw: 13
Attack Bonus: +8
Movement: 30', can climb at 30' with additional limbs added 
Damage: claw 1d6/claw1d6, plus 
bio acid sprayer 1d4 

The Xere'Rara use ancient alien dimensional byways these micro worm holes allow the monsters to move from planet to planet. They may move 1d8 light years per day but only if they have the life force to do so. Once thy have fed upon their targets for 1d10 weeks the host will be entirely used up. There is a 75 % chance of the host dying from dimensional shock once the monster has entirely fed. This of course is unless a save vs death is made.The alterations of the flesh are however permanent. Those who survive are marked for the rest of their unnatural lives.
A pair of specialty psychics may be called upon to expel the monsters.. A psychic of strong telepathic abilities of at least 5 level or higher & a teleporter of 7th or better must be called in.
These psychics must wrestle the beast within the mind of the possessed. Upon a successful psychic attack the monster will be subdued for 1d6 rounds. The teleporter must target the alien life force of the creature & banish it within 1d4 rounds.. The psychical alterations that the creature has made may be reversed within 1d4 days after the exorcism. Psychic surgery may be needed to heal the damage from these creatures as well.
 SWN Default Campaign Notes :
The Xere'Rara  are often called upon by deranged psychic telepathic cultists who wish the esoteric insights the monsters possess. These monsters are leftovers from before the big bang itself. They can carry their hosts along with them as they journey through the byways. Those who allow themselves to be possessed are often looking into the remains of lost alien races from beyond time & space.
They will be hunted & hated by all right thinking people their souls will swim in dark psychic energies. No nature animal will go near them. Only the lonely or forgotten places will offer any solstice for them. Peace & the comfort of a warm home will forever be out of reach.
Player Character  Xere'Rara 
Those who traffic with these  monsters become the very monsters that they seek. The physical alterations mark them as damned & utterly alien should they survive the experience. They will gain +1 to any mental attribute. -3 on Charisma & perhaps a strange or utterly alien craving or  hunger.
They will be forever looked upon with suspicion by all. Religions will hunt them down like murderous dogs of hell beyond hell itself. There will be bounties, mobs, & they will be considered utter monsters.
 The Xere'Rara fight among themselves as planar tribes making war within the nearby alien astral planes for the right of possession & interstellar worlds. They have very elaborate systems of hierarchy & violence.
   The Xere'Rara can sense the unnatural around them at 60 yards & will be drawn to negative or alien psychic energies.. Circumstances from beyond will draw them to it. They will have no choose but to enter into these energies or situations unless a saving throw is made each time a new situation is encountered.
Crypts & Things 
Type: Other
Number Appearing: 1 (1d4)
Armor Class:5(14)
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks : 1d6 claw, 1d6 claw,1d4 bio acid sprayer 40 yard range 
Saving Throw : 10
Special : Possession, Regeneration as Troll, Flesh Shaping 

Move :12
Challenge Level/XP : 8 XP /800

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