Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cannibelistic Dough Golems For Your Old School Fantasy Campaign

Cannibalistic Dough Golems
Number # 1d10
 AC 6
 HD: 2
Damage 1d4 by teeth or weapon 
AL: Lawfully Evil These 4 inch high small golems are animated by the power of Evil itself. They often appear in kitchens across the multiverse offering help & add to those baking meals. 
Don't believe these pint sized worshipers of all things doughy & nasty. As soon as they have the run of kitchen the domination begins. They begin to push their own brands of baking product & holding families hostage with their meal time treats. 
Amazingly these unholy terrors are fast & may bite with small cruel teeth. The se beings will swarm families if able & eating anything they can. They will run ramrod once they have begun their murderous spree. Destroying property, creating havoc, mayhem, & confectionery chaos where they can. 
Since they are nothing more then animated dough & surgery skeletons. A quick application of heat in an oven set to 320 degrees for 13 minutes will bake these little bastards into fun filled family treats.
There are dark reports of wizards using a monster summoning type 3 spell to summon them. Those summoned are magically delicious & make a fine desert that serves 1d6 people. 

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