Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geoffrey McKinney's Latest Project

Damn it here's something else to take my money! The latest offering from 

the author of Carcosa and of Isle of the Unknown, both published by Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

You can find more information right Here
From the back cover:

Each adventure module in the Psychedelic Fantasies line revels in unconstrained imagination. Every monster, every magic power, and every magic spell is a unique and never-before-seen creation of the author. No orcs, fireballs, or +1 swords will be found within. Leave the familiar behind to explore hitherto undreamed of wonders…
Compatible with every old school version of the original fantasy role-playing game.

"What levels is the module for?"
This particular module by Alex Fotinakes is for low-level adventurers, who will have a better chance of surviving if they try negotiating for a change.
This looks fantastic! Very old school & the price is excellent.
Take my damn money please.! 

 Thanks to Blair over at Planet Algol for the heads up on this one! 

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