Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Vesrrtraaa - The Carcosian Sea Bugs For Your Science Fantasy Campaign

with art by Hauke Vagt.
The Vesrrtraaa
No Appearing :1- 3
AC: 7

% In Lair : Nil 

Damage: 1d8 of Grinding Bio Pincers 
Treasure: H  (Found within the gut of these monsters) 
These relics from a bygone age are all that remains of an alien race that existed lost upon the shores of the Carocsa Seas eons ago. They are beyond anything mankind upon the face of the planet has ever faced. These creatures are 50 stories or more .They are ancient parasites that were once attached to the hides of the Oldest Gods but were harnessed as biological tools. These monsters were used to hollow out sea caverns beyond the lowest depths.
Now when the lost or damned are dimensional door into the seas of Carcosa the energy attracts these monsters who attack with deadly pincers & a deadly attitude.  A bio acid attack that does 1d4 points of damage per round  will damage those assault these deadly monsters.
They will attack anything be it boat, water craft, or rig. Sound attracts the monsters with little problem & they can smell the sweat of organic beings up to five miles.
The monsters have a weakness to high pitched sounds that will paralyse them or drive the monsters into a berserk fury. There is a 25 % chance of the monster attacking with its full bio acid attack if it feels threatened.
The monster may be attracted away from its victim by the smell of a fresh rotting carcass. They have little stomach for human beings & will attack them on sight.
After a ship wreck these bottom feeders will surface & eat anything organic that they come across. Even though they are scavengers these monsters act as an apex predator wherever they are found.
The monsters have been exported off planet & may be found in any large body of water on many worlds. The creatures have been exploited for their hides which make excellent armor & as parts for many space craft! 


  1. Reminds me a bit of The Monster that Challenged the World--except bigger.

  2. Yup the The Monster that Challenged the World--was one of my vibes on this monster my friend. There's more weirdness to come


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