Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Numenera Rpg Kickstarter By Monte Cook & What It Means

The Amber Monolith

Last night I watched this Kickstarter unfold on Facebook from Monte Cook. It was a bit weird, one moment its not there & the next its up. The concept is weird  & unique..& its funded 

The Plot of the Game:
"Numenera is set a billion years in the future. Civilizations have risen and fallen on Earth. Even though the current inhabitants live at about a Medieval level of technology, the leftover remnants of these advanced societies lie all around them. Some of these are extremely helpful: advanced tools, valuable means of communication and learning, transportation, defenses, and weapons. Others are dangerous: genetically altered monstrosities, flesh-warping radiation, creatures transplanted from distant stars, and clouds of out-of-control nanobots, just to name a few. This setting, called the Ninth World, provides all manner of opportunities and challenges to those that call it home.
The game system that drives Numenera is meant to be fast-moving and simple, so that it facilitates the stories the group wants to create, the imaginative places and creatures the GM needs to describe, and the mind-blowing ideas the world encourages. Everything in the game is designed with these goals in mind. "
For more information, go to And keep checking back for frequent updates and more previews!
 I've been keeping a close eye on this project & there are some unique perspectives that I've come away with. Nothing bad mind you 
  1. The gaming community is ready for a science fantasy game that's not driven by a d20 engine. They want this project right now. In less then 48 hours the project has been funded. 
  2. Role playing games are in a state of flux & indie Go Go & Kickstarter have changed  the dynamic of how role playing games are delivered to the customer in ways that many industry Illuminati weren't counting on. 
  3. Role players love big books full of cool art, interesting ideas, & playable adventures. Weighing in at 300 plus pages this is going to be a big rule book. 
  4. This does change the face of the OSR as well. Science fantasy is a big seller & other companies will be taking notice of this development. We'll probably see a whole bunch of other products within our own community riding the wind of this project. 
  5. This is really the year of the pdf & with print going up & up costwise we're seeing a support point of these pdfs applying to your phone, tablet, & lap top becoming much more common. 
  6. Monte Cook is his own little corporation & this is only the start of it. 
  7. This could be considered the golden age of science fantasy gaming & there's more to come.


  1. I personally can't wait. I love everything Monte does - that includes all his D20 System work. He is one of the most imaginative designers out there. I'm glad he left Wizards to do this.

  2. Hey Fumblefail, Thanks for the quick comment & yeah I'm excited about this project! I'm already excited that its funded. Loved all of the D20 stuff but especially his Chaostech book.
    Not sure what to say about his leaving Wizbros but I think its their loss.
    There's more to come on this one


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