Monday, August 6, 2012

The Seas of Carcosa

The seas of Carcosa teem with incredible life some mutated beyond recognition & others spawned by the She Goat With a Thousand Young. These are places where the deep ones thrive & unlike their stunted land bound brethren they have thousands of cities beneath the waves. 

There thousands of inhabitants of Carcosa are subject to the predatory trepidation of many kinds of mega predator who in turn are fed upon by the spawn of  Hastur & the star spawn of  Great Cthulhu himself.  

art by Eric Spray
It is believed that many of these creatures are the creation of the Great Race, the Elder Things, & the serpent peoples. The seas are wrecked with dimensional storms that move across both space & time randomly dropping the lost, desperate , & the mad into these seas. They do little to disturb the millions of schools of alien fish & what not.
Random Carcosian Sea Encounters 1d10 
  1. Sea Serpents mutated into something more double hit points 1d4 
  2. Giant Tape Worms 4 hit points each & with multiple heads 
  3. 1d10 carnivorous flying fish 1 hit point each come in waves 
  4. All fish have random human faces some of which look like the PCs 
  5. A wreck of some alien vessel not ever seen before. Half biological & half something else. In pain & dying 
  6. Giant Sea Trolls 1d8 with 1d4 mutations 
  7. Deep One Hunting party 1d6 double hit points. Will take any human females found 
  8. Star Spawn of Cthlhu looks at the vessel & leaves. 
  9. A Dimensional shift & ghost pirate ship filled with crew looking for slaves. 
  10. A wizard's war machine floats overhead with the intention of collecting specimens 

Below the waves are thousands of buildings & structures belonging to bygone civilizations some human & others are the remains of lost cities brought by the waves. See below for the inspiration for one such city! 

"Located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida – GPS coordinates N25º 42.036', W80º 05.409' – Neptune Memorial ReefTM is the largest man-made reef ever conceived and, when complete, will have transformed over 16 acres of barren ocean floor. The Neptune Memorial Reef project is environmentally sound and meets the strict guidelines and permitting of the EPA, DERM, NOAA, Florida Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corps of Engineers. The Neptune Memorial Reef is also a member of the Green Burial Council.
 Visit here for further information & maps Here"
There are many temples on land which pay homage to the alien gods of the oceans of Carcosa such as the one below.

Waterfall Walkway in Thailand..
"This was was supposed to go into tonight's Carcosa game but we've had to cancel. There were 5 thunder storm cells that passed through the area. We've lost power 3 times & the last one passed by about an hour ago at that time. "


  1. That looks so lovely, I almost want to go. Almost. OK, not really. For all its beauty it's just plain terrifying.

  2. I would say all those ships in those pictures are in dire straits.

  3. Shortymonster- That's sort of how I picture Carcosa. Really weird in a strange, bizarre, weird, & lovely way. Yet there's that element of "there's something really, really, wrong about this" situation here. Thanks for the comment. There's more goodness yet to come.
    Trey- Why yes they are! We call those adventurers! ;-) More to come pal.


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