Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Free Mutant Future Adventures & Review

Gimme Shelter - Run at Gen Con 2011


Weed World - Run at Gary Con 2012 and Gen Con 2012

These are a good solid set of Free adventures from Sniderman over at the Savage After world. They're convention sets meaning that the objectives go from points A to B to C to D "D" being the boss monster.
I've been to a number of players houses lately & personally there needs to be more Mutant Future games out there. With the announcement  & release soon of Star Ships & Space Men second edition there needs to be more coverage of these games.
These adventures make a perfect introduction to the game & an excellent medium of jumping into the post apocalyptic gene pool. They're not complicated to the infinite degree but they'll get the players jumping over themselves in your world. With some window dressing their perfect intros & take down adventures..
Personally I think that Sniderman doesn't get enough credit for the excellent job he does promoting Mutant Future. I never feel reading these that the gonzo factor is turned up to 11. Head over to here & grab a copy, print it out, & run it over the weekend!
 Go right here to Here download them & thank 'em.


  1. I had the honor and privilege of playing in ALL THREE of those adventures over the last two Gen Cons. Much fun was had by all.

    Our Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman runs a helluva game.

  2. Thanks for the comment man
    That's the whole thing in my estimation Justin,as I was reading through these I'm thinking these would be a hell of a lot of fun to play!
    Good to know that not only can he write but DM as well. Takes a certain combination of person to be able to do that! Sniderman certainly seems like the guy!

  3. Just discovered this post! Thanks for the kind words, folks! As I always say: It's the players that make the game. I'm just a glorified ref. As Justin can attest, the most fun and bizarre things that happened in each game don't actually appear in the game scripts. As a GM, you just gotta say, "Yeah, that's AWESOME, so it DOES happen!"

  4. Your welcome Sniderman, & its well meant! The players are pretty much everything! Glad you liked the conversation & comments again from what I understand they're well deserved!


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