Monday, August 20, 2012

Eldritch Entertainment's site Is Now Live

Eldritch Enterprises  is now live! It's alive! The old school folks have set up blogs for all involved, & there's a forum. So stop by leave a comment in on of the blogs & tell'em Needles sent ya! Rigght Here!
Some of their stuff
I'm not going to talk about my experiences with Lich Dungeon but lets say that my 5th level fighter won't be back.. The less said the better. 

Recently I ran Snake riders for a Mutant Future crew & its very cool! There's enough meat here for 3 games & it can easily be used with a D&D style game. There was a bit of wiggle run with Mutant Future 

Forrest of Deceit is a very good location adventure resource & I've used it a couple of times now. It works well with a OD&D or AD&D style horror adventure. Also used the product in a recent Call of Cthulhu adventure

"Dark Outpost is a generic science fiction adventure set aboard a spacestation in geosynchronous orbit above a small class-M planet. This massive station, built by robots and crewed by automated machines, is the pride of the galactic fleet, and the hope of those that will colonize the planet below.  But something has gone wrong."

I'm saving this one for my Star Ships & Space men second edition game!


  1. You've sparked my interest with using Snake Riders with Mutant Future, I may have to check that out!

  2. Enjoy Bill & thanks for the comment!

  3. You read my mind, Mr. Needles.

    I bought Snake Riders... at Gen Con specifically for doing something Mutant-y with it. The title alone inspired me.

    You'll have to write up your session for us!

  4. So is snake riders available in print? I too would like to see your Mutant Future stirrups for it.

    Its available in POD at the moment.. As for notes & such I've got to get it ironed out over the weekend when I actually get with Larry's group for this so expect a game session report next week some time. I've got 4 games on the fly at the moment..

  6. Cool! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.


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