Monday, August 20, 2012

The Requ'reatha ~ The Demons Between The Angles Of Time For Your Stars Without Number Campaign

Demons.......“Hors de mon soleil, canailles!" (Out of my sun, rabble) or “La Terreur de Panurge” (The Terror of Panurge) ca. 1854-5, Felix Bracquemond

The Requ'reatha ~ The Demons Between The Angles Of Time 
AC: 6 
No. Appearing: 1 (1d4)
Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 7
Saving Throw: 13
Attack Bonus: +8
Movement: 20'
Damage: claw 1d6/claw 1d6/claw 1d6/claw 1d6/1d4 hook/1d4 hook 

Lurking just outside the angles of time & space the Requ'reatha may be called forth from the Outer Darkness by the psychic powers of telepathy & teleporation. Two psychics work in conjuration with one another while sharing a portion of the creature's mind. This is usually done in order to gain the alien insights that these demons have as they float just outside of the local space time continuum
They require the merest pin prick of from their alien dimension into ours. They lust for that which they can not have "mortal life". These monsters will rip & tear anyone to reach the greedy morsels with lay within this universe. With a multitude of claws & temporary organs they will manifest from any angle upon our plane of existence. 
They can not remain long before the laws of this universe push their foulness back beyond the white wall once again. 
They are expert torturers,hunters, & treasure finders. Those that call upon them can expect promises from beyond the pale but these bastards of unreality will only deliver pain & suffering. They will attack with every temporary organ that they can muster finally creating bio hooks & tentacles to secure them within this universe if possible. 
Many cults & psychics call these beings down to claim sacrifices in the name of other gods or demons. They have from time to time acted as the bounty hunters for many demonic pantheons or even the Great Old Ones themselves. 
 One they fixate upon a victim they will stop at nothing to reach their target. They will teleport without error 6 times per day in order to  steal them away & eat them at their leisure. 
There are 4 reported cases of these monsters luring children & the aged to their doom within the claws of these beings. They do so by creating convincing illusions & strangely realistic hologram like tricks drawn directly from the minds of their victims. These illusions can be created 4 times per day. The victim gets a saving throw each time an illusion is used. Once per day these monsters may teleport one person & 200 pds of gear across interstellar distances. Even beyond the reach of a black hole. These beings are utterly without fear & immune to the power of the more common mind controls powers.
Once per day these demonic vermin can prophetically dream about the future of one character. The information is up to the Dm. 
These beings are not immune to certain energy weapons & their frequencies. Certain blue green laser variations will cause an addition 3 points damage to these mockers from beyond the stars.
These monsters may be found anywhere & are especially common with in areas where the cultists of the many esoteric Old Ones have been dwelling..
Only as successful teleporation to the heart of a dead sun will truly destroy these mocking monsters of the interstellar worlds.

Crypts & Things
Type: Other
Number Appearing: 1d4
Armor Class:5(14)
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks : 1d6 claw, 1d6 claw
Saving Throw : 11
Special : Immune to Mind Control, Regeneration As A Troll 

Move :12
Challenge Level/XP : 8 XP /800


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