Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revised 1d40 Marvel Cosmic Entities Random Planar Encounters For Your Old School Campaign

Its Sunday which means Carcosa.
Time & again I've used adventurers to do minor quests against & for entities! The players have had a blast with these!
I've revised the major list of these guys.I hope that you folks enjoy.. A small shrine or two will be appearing in tonight's game. 

I can see small shrines across Carcosa & beyond where the only hope for some is laying one's faith in distant entities who might deliver some hope in a very dark world. Since these  are cosmic entities they can pop up just about anywhere. Most of the entities I've named can actually be found right in the Marvel Handbooks of The Universe for the Marvel Super Hero Rpg right Here 

Marvel Cosmic Entities Random Planar Encounters For Your Old School Dimensional Travels 



This is not a challenge to Marvel any of the copyright holders or their various trade marks. This is being made as a fan parody for inclusion into the private fan based campaigns of the readers of this blog for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. Thank you


  1. I really wanted to comment on how groovy this whole post is, but currently my mind is pretty much blown by the painted awesomeness of that first picture! Where is it from, if you know, because I think it is something I need in my life on a daily basis.... :)

  2. Well it came from a Marvel Tumbler that happened across last night. I believe that it came from the Infinity Gaunlet art comic book. Where it can now be found? I honest & truly have no idea. I came across it on tumbler though originally & it was the inspiration for this post..
    Thanks for the comment & sorry I wasn't more help :-(


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