Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Highway Men Stars Without Numbers Game Episode #4 -X Hour

Tonight is a make or break even in tonight's game. The players have grown too comfortable on the Archlight space station.
So there's an invasion happening at the station tonight! A xenophobic faction is moving in & the players are going to have to salvage supplies from a short range ship that will be tonight's encounter. All of this is being taken from Planet comics

I really want to stir things up tonight! Since this is a smaller game its going to be amusing to see how the players cope with a Xenophobic faction of star pirates

I've used these short range space craft before Right Here

I've always loved these craft for short range inter system space coops. This diagram makes a great little quick encounter map for a one shot encounter

The  Art and text by Gene FawcettePlanet Comics # 9 © Fiction House, 1940.

Space coop in action!
Actual Play report to come! There's also a connection to my old Post Apocalyptic Mars game! 


  1. I wonder if an elementary course in astronautics confers any degree?

  2. Looks like fun! Are you using the SWN Faction rules for your Campaign?

  3. Trey nope but it does confer skills & levels in astronautics! :D
    There's more fun to come! Thanks for the comment!
    Bill! Man its been ages! Yes I'm using Stars Without Numbers Mongoose edition for this!

  4. Ok I knew you were using the SWN rules. I just wasn't sure if you were using the SWN fullblown faction rules.

  5. Yup we're using the SWN fullblown faction rules & all of the rules in the SWN! We're very innovative! ;-)


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