Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Carcosa Location & Encounter Table For Your Old School Carcosa Campaign

The Elder Things colony mountain cities of Y'Reea .

The Elder Things colony mountain cities of Y'Reea ..
One of the most active of the Elder Things colonies upon Carcosa is the Valley of Y'Reea. This forbidding landscape is a colony of the Elder Things from the time of the Shaggoth Rebellions . The place is avoided at all costs by the human inhabitants of Carcosa. The echoes of piping whistle on the wind. The whole place is encapsotated by a psychic field. Those who venture into the place are caught within a mind domination field of these ancient creatures. There are however monks of  Shub Niggurath who trade medallions for a small piece of brain matter. These mediallions   will resist the machinations of the Elder Things for 18 hours. After which things held within the medallions  will eat their way into the minds of the user unless a saving throw is rolled. Why would anyone venture into these places & risk the wrath of the shaggoths? This is one of the last unspoiled places where the bio creations & technology of the Elder Things can be found. 
The Elder Things colony mountain cities of Y'Reea Random Encounter Chart 1d10 

  1.  Flying Mountain Fungus creatures 1d4 3 hit points 1d4 damage central eye death ray  
  2. 1d8 Shaggoth bits 1 hit point each 1d3 points of acidic damage. Will try to eat your face 
  3. 1d8 elder thing babies mostly harmless..1 hit point each.. Actually telepathic guards 
  4. Wheeling slime molds 3 hit points  each & very aggressive 1d4 damage plus spores 
  5. Elder Thing guards.. Will capture armed with stunners & death rays 1d6 
  6. Engineering shaggoths hauling blocks of flesh for construct accompanied by 1d8 flutist controllers.. 2 Elder Thing guardians 
  7. An insane cultist from Earth whose been experimented upon. 1d6 bio implants absolutely stark raving mad. Implants are valuable though. 
  8. Degenerate dinosuars 1d6 3 hit point 1d4 damage from bit scavengers looking for a meal. Actually remote dinodrones controlled by Elder Things 
  9. Experimented upon humanoids 4 hit points each modified to me more effective workers 1d4 mutations.. No longer feed on food per say but shaggoth created paste
  10. 1d8 Shaggoths

 This same model could be used for other games such as Terminal Space or any space based game. There will be a random Shaggoth Encounter table coming up!

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