Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hulks & Horrors Update

So it looks like sadly that Hulks & Horrors isn't going to make its indie Go Go goal!


  FEAR NOT! HULKS & HORRORS LIVES! From The creator of the game!
  "As the days of the campaign wind down, I wanted to take a further moment to explain my plans in the event we don’t hit the other 50% in this last stretch.

After some debate, I’ve decided that Hulks and Horrors will still go ahead with releasing H&H via POD.
Since without the funds of the campaign I’ll not be able to afford to pay Tim and Evan as I had hoped, I’ll be working with Sam to refocus the design to something more modest, either art-free or taking advantage of the wealth of classic public domain pulp art to be found online.
However there is still good news for those of who who’ve supported this project: Everyone who was a backer for the IndieGoGo campaign will, upon release, receive a special loyalty discount coupon, the value of which will be determined once I nail down the new target retail price.
Consider it my thank you for those who supported the project’s creation."
If you want to contribute to the project go Here


  1. Ah, that's too bad, but at least it will still be released as a POD.

    -Ed Green

  2. Tell me about it Ed. Its more then a bit of a loss to the science fantasy community. We need more retroclones along these lines to keep the genre strong! Seriously there needs to be more science fantasy games! While I'm looking forward to Star Ships & Spacemen's second edition this was going to be another Indie GoGo project that I was looking forward to. I'm going to try to keep this one in the limelight. POD is going to be the future of our hobby I fear..


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