Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still More From Monte Cook's Numenera Kickstarter

The Amber Monolith

I said that we'd be following up this game & here's what came off of 
We launched the Numenera Kickstarter campaign last Wednesday night. It’s now Sunday morning, and as of now we’re at around $75,000. We’ve already met two of our stretch goals, the first of which made the book 100 pages longer, with more art. The second has enabled us to release a 32-page adventure with the working title of The Devil’s Spine that will be released a month or two after the corebook. Many contribution levels will get The Devil’s Spine added to them automatically.
I’m thrilled at how the Kickstarter is going. I’m also a little flabbergasted.
We added two new stretch goals to the project:
#1: If we manage to reach $100,000, I will make 300 copies of the corebook (in print format) available FOR FREE to educators and libraries who want it. Tell your teacher and librarian friends that once the book is out, they will be able to contact me to get this book to use as a tool or to make available in libraries. (I’ll have all the formalized details posted on our website by then.) Please help me promote this particular goal, because I think it could be really cool and rewarding on a lot of levels.
#2: If we reach $120,000, we will release a 96-page Ninth World Bestiary full of beautifully illustrated creatures usable in the Numenera game.
Lastly, when we reach $80,000, in addition to the 2nd adventure goal, we will also have some add-on options for people who want to add print versions of the Player’s Guide, the adventures from the stretch goals, and so on to their existing reward level. At our current rate, perhaps we’ll reach this by tomorrow? I won’t make any predictions, but that would certainly be amazing.
Thanks to all the supporters!

This is a massive thing that's happened & the ramifications for the gaming world are still being felt. The masses have spoken & its going to be interesting to see where this line of games goes. You can read more Here


  1. The weird thing is that Cook preaches about how rule-lite oriented his new game is and now he adds 100/200 more pages.

    Really weird. o_O

  2. Personally I'm interested to see where this is going to go. The 100- 200 pages of the rule book will be an addition to his game.
    As for myself this game really doesn't fit with the existing retro clone games that I currently own. The cherry picking aspect of the OSR retroclones is one of their strengths in my humble opinion. Your mileage may very & I love the worlds that creates.Time & again I've found myself converting his D20 worlds to a much simpler system ala the retroclones. I've pitched thirty dollars into this just to see where this game is going to end up. I've got a wait & see attitude when it comes to movies, comics, games, etc. lately. I'm really excited though about this. It means that table top rpgs are still viable


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